Bob Turner, 2016 National Institute PresidentHi,

I am Bob Turner, your 2016 RLI President!

I hope you all are doing well. I would like to give you an update on the future of your REALTORS® Land Institute because we are “Crossing all Boundaries” in 2016.

In addition to myself as President, the Officers of the Institute include Brandon Rogillio, ALC Advanced,President Elect; and Jimmy Settle, ALC, National Vice President. Terri Jensen, ALC  Advanced, will serve on the Executive Committee as the Immediate Past President.

We are heading a new direction for the REALTORS® Land Institute with our main focus on you, the Member. We will have a more friendly approach to our member’s questions and needs. You are ourcustomer and we want to provide you with the best customer service—because you deserve it! We willbe a much more transparent organization and we will take an in-depth look at all of the memberservices being offered to make sure they are relevant to you, the Member. We will also look at our rulesand policies to see if they are the right things, too! All of the above is an ongoing process that your 2016Committees and Board of Directors will be working on this year.
Our Operation Team in Chicago consists of Amanda Jenkins, Jessa Friedrich, and Karen Calarco. They arevery talented and are working hard to meet your expectations from RLI. They are also diligent anddedicated to providing you the highest quality services and support. Please let them know how they canassist you, and thank them for their support of the members. We want you, the member, to offer new ideas for us to discuss.

I believe that we have to base our decisions on our core beliefs. I want RLI to have an open outlook tothe future and to make sure we are the organization that provides you the tools and the knowledge tobe the best land REALTOR® in your market. Hopefully, with these tools and knowledge resources inplace you will have the ability to make more money and help your clients reach their goals.

We will be researching the current education platform. We want to provide the best education andmost updated training available, enabling you to be the expert in your field. Plus, we will be updatingcourses to meet today’s challenges in the land markets. The Education Committee will also be taking adetailed look at how our course offerings are organized to better serve the members. RLI will continueto offer our Core Courses that will allow you to earn your Accredited Land Consultant designation withupdates allowing all of them to be relevant to today’s challenges. RLI will offer you the education fortraining in all areas of land sales. We will cover every need from site selection and land development inthe urban areas, to suburban markets. We will research training for timberland, citrus, nuts, andspecialty crop operations, ranch and cattle operations, horse farms with residential, mixed use, and newtrends in the markets to keep our members updated.

We are also committed to rebuilding our Chapter Model to help our Chapters become more viable andmore self-sustaining. We do not want to demand how our Chapters operate, however, we want to help them build a better Chapter that works for both themselves and RLI National.  We have some ideas thatwe will be vetting with our State Chapter Leadership teams and Administrators to come up with the bestmodel for our Chapters.  
The Land Conference in Dallas will be exciting and fun! We are currently making upgrades andadjustments to the Land Conference. These will allow you more opportunities to learn, network, andmake deals! We will have several new announcements at the Conference that you will not want to miss.The Land Conference will give you an upper-hand over the competitors in your market with knowledge,networking, and knowing future trends. The Greatest Cowboy Auction on Earth will have a new andexciting format, so be sure to BE THERE. The Auction will benefit the Land Education Foundation and alldonations will be tax deductible for all purchases. Be sure to donate an item for the Auction and comepurchase some gifts for yourself!

The Institute will host focus groups in Dallas at the Land Conference with members. Leadership wants tolisten to the needs and desires of you, the Member. We will also be happy to listen to any criticisms ofwhat you don’t care for.
I am happy to report that we are financially sound, and we have reserves in place for the future securityof RLI. We are conscious of your cost of doing business and are trying to provide the best benefits to youat a reasonable membership cost. We are also in process of seeking the new EVP for RLI. We have asearch process in place to find the most qualified person to move RLI to the next level for the future.

On the personal side, I am a REALTOR® and have been a Land Broker for over 37 years–and I love theland business! I am married to Wendy, who is also a REALTOR® of 27 years, and we have two daughtersMegan and Madison. My favorite activities are spending time with my family and duck hunting at ourfarm in Arkansas. I have been a member of RLI since 1996 and I am involved in several areas of the landbusiness. We live on an operating farm outside Memphis, Tennessee. We personally operate farms,mobile home parks, Residential and Commercial developments, and broker land in Tennessee,Mississippi, and Arkansas. We are involved in transitional land, residential and commercial properties,timberland, hunting and recreation land, productive crop land, and Cattle operations.
I am always available to you, the member. Please call me at 901-335-1384 whenever you feel I can helpyou, or email me at I would love to hear from you, and I look forward tomeeting each one of you at some point this year. If you have an event, and you would like a RLI officerto attend or make a presentation, please let me know and we will be happy to try and schedule the meeting.

See you at the Dallas Land Conference in March!