ALC Advanced

 ALC Advanced
ALC Professional Development Option
ALC Advanced 

Goal Statement

The Accredited Land Consultant Designation (ALC) is an indication of a professional who is the most accomplished, the most experienced, and the most knowledgeable land expert.  Staying current in trends and information is inherent in being the best  in the business. The ALC Advanced program is designed to offer opportunities to ALCs to stay current in the area of land to assist clients through up-to-date knowledge and through stewardship in the National organization of the REALTORS® Land Institute.    



ALC designees have the option to participate in 30 hours of professional development within a two-year period starting with the year 2014.  If the requirements are fulfilled and the appropriate paperwork is submitted to National when due, the participant would become an ALC Advanced  for two-year period. The following counts toward these required hours. All of the below must be from options available through the Institute:

  • One-day LANDU courses: 8 contact hours
  • Two-day LANDU courses: 16 contact hours
  • Three-day LANDU courses: 24 contact hours
  • Annual Land Conference: 10 contact hours
  • White Paper Elective Option at Annual Land Conference: 16 contact hours
  • Presenter at the Annual Land Conference: 5 contact hours
  • Presenter at NAR Annual Conference and Expo: 20 contact hours
  • ALC-to-ALC TeleConference Facilitation: 2 contact hours
  • ALC-to-ALC TeleConference: 1 contact hour
  • Web Seminar Development and Facilitation: 30 contact hours
  • Web Seminar Attendance: 1 contact hour
  • Comprehensive Course Updates: 15 contact hours
  • Minor Course Updates: Based on updates submitted
  • New Course Development: 60 hours per completed course
  • Short Instruction: 2 hours per session (maximum of 10 hours per year)
  • Institute Executive Committee: 30 hours a year
  • Board of Directors: 2 hours per meeting attended
  • National Committee Chairs: 10 hours per year
  • National Committee Vice Chairs: 10 hours per year
  • National Committee Members: 2 hour per meeting attended
  • Article in TERRA FIRMA: 10 contact hours
  • ALC Allies Program: 2 contact hours
  • Other Institute-related activities: Must be submitted to the Institute CEO for approval at least sixty days prior to submitting the three-year report. 


ALCs will submit their thirty hours with proof of attendance and/or completion of the activities once a year to the Institute. These will be collected between January 2-January 10 on the year following the due date (i.e. For 2014, the records would need to be sent to National for credit between January 2-January 10 of 2015). All completed should be submitted to Karen Calarco, Manager of Operations and Member Records via email at or by fax 312.329.8633. 
Starting for those applying in January 2015, the Advanced, if earned, is in place for two years and, then, the ALC must reapply fulfilling requirements taken during the two years prior to the application date. If an ALC Advanced designee desires to keep that designation tier, he/she must submit proof of having fulfilled the requirements every two years (i.e. If an ALC Advanced, submits the fulfilled requirements in January 2015, he/she would need to reapply in January of 2017 with professional development taking place in 2015 and 2016).

*All those who earned the ALC Advanced in January 2014, have been grandfathered in for a three year period-through the end of 2016.  They would need to reapply in January 2017 and would need to fulfill the requirements within the two years prior to reapplying.

Current ALC Advanced Recipients