About the Institute Member Ambassador Program:

Our goal is to be bigger and better! When membership grows, so does the strength of the organization. That is why we are asking for help from our wonderful members. 

How to Recruit 

As an Ambassador, all we ask is for you to share information about the benefits of the REALTORS® Land Institute and the value of the prestigious Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation with your peers and colleagues. You may want to personalize them and follow up with a phone call or a face-to-face meeting.

How to Earn Prizes for Referrals

In addition to helping strengthen the Institute, you can earn cash gift cards for each level you reach. Be an Ambassador and receive rewards when you share the Institute with professionals in your network:

Recruit 2 new members: $50 cash gift card
Recruit 3-4 new members: $100 cash gift card
Recruit 5+ new members: Free 2016 National Land Conference registration or a $200 cash card

*New members must indicate the member who referred them in the referral section of the application.

Email us at, or call us at 800.441.LAND(5263) for more information.

Recognition: 2015 Member Ambassadors

Wayne Dunwoody
Joshua Waddell
Joel English
Corey Fraise
Whitney Bernson
Lance Fullerton
Craig Kerfoot
John Morris
Joy Mcclinthen
Mark Hutson
Brian Philpot
Stacy Lee
Pete Alfano
Kevin Gann
Heleen Jacobsen
Eric Turpen
Dennis Johnson
Jonathan Jewell
David Baughman
Christopher Peacock
Jeff Titus
Amanda Johnson
Elizabeth Jewell
Janet Martin
Jay Taylor
Denver Gilbert
Mark McNamee
Michael Matre
Charles Gregory
Cameron Roth
Ruben Pena
Steven Barnett
Christine Taylor
Michael Gugar
Steve Martens
Tai Klam

Rules and Eligibility 

New members can apply for RLI membership online, mail-in an application, or call 800-441-LAND (5263) to speak to a staff member.  

*In order to earn credit for recruiting a new member, that new member must write your name on their membership form in the "referred by" section and join between March 1 - December 31, 2015.

Thank you to all of our great Ambassadors!

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in RLI’s Membership Ambassador Program?
Anyone can become an Ambassador!

How do I know if my friend or colleague is already a member?
Go to the “Find a Land Consultant” tab and search the directory to verify if your associate is an RLI member. You may also call 800-441-5263 to verify with a staff member, we are happy to help!

What if the member I recruit was previously an RLI member?
As long as the person is not a current RLI member, they can be recruited.

What if the person I recruit forgets to put my name in the “referred by” space on the membership application? 
No problem. Ask the referred member to contact RLI National within one week of submitting an application to credit an Ambassador for his or her referral.