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Farmers National
Special thanks to Farmers National Company for their continued support of excellence in land knowledge and professional connections as we move into 2014! They will continue to be a Platinum Sponsor in 2014 and are a 2014 Land Conference Partner.


Course Schedule and Description


The LANDU curriculum is comprised of courses that provide in-depth and time-relevant content designed to help students build business knowledge and increase productivity and earning potential. The courses count toward earning the prestigious Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation. Learn more about the ALC designation requirements.

Course delivery options are face-to-face, no-travel hybrid, online, and independent study. See a description of these delivery options.

Courses are added and the schedule is updated throughout the year. To learn more, call 1.800.441.5263 or write to
*It is not essential that Land 101 be the first course taken in the progression of the LANDU curriculum; however, it is recommended.

ADVANCED Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges for Land Professionals
This course explores advanced issues commonly encountered in 1031 exchanges relating to farms, ranches and recreational real estate. In addition, it will cover opportunities that can be created by transfers of partial interests in rural real estate as well as how 1031 exchanges can be used for estate planning purposes and as an exit strategy from income producing property. Although this course presumes knowledge of the basics of a 1031 exchange, there will be a review of basic concepts and structures to create a firm foundation for the advanced issues and applications. (8 contact hours)

Agricultural Land Brokerage and Marketing
Agricultural investment land in the United States is an estimated trillion-dollar market. To tap into this market, the land professional needs to know what market forces impact the value of agricultural land; the importance of soils and how they determine the highest and best use of the land; why land is an investment that attracts investors from around the world; how to analyze the income potential of agricultural land and estimate probable selling prices and costs; and how to market properties through online, print, electronic media, and RLI marketing sessions. (16 contact hours)

January 5, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register.

NEW Auction Verdicts and the UCC 2-328
This course will cover how courts from around the country have ruled in high-profile auction cases, establishing laws that every auctioneer must follow. In addition, it will explore the history and importance of the UCC 2-328, and students will learn how they could save $30,000 in real estate auction sales. 


June 1, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact National at 1-800-441-5263 to register. 


The Auction Tool
Auctions are a key sales tool in the land market. It is a tool that can bring the desired price point for the buyer and for the seller. This 8-hour course provides an overview of the auction method of marketing real estate. The areas covered will be the growth, and new image of the auction industry's niche how auction firms work with sellers in marketing and selling property at auctions, and how those on the seller or the buyer side can partner with auction firms. This course is organized in four modules: Real Estate Auction: The Opportunity; Analyzing Sellers, Properties, and Markets; Proposal, and Markets; Proposal to Closing, and Getting Started in Real Estate Auctions. (8 contact hours)

August 3, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register. 

The Basics of Eminent Domain Law
This course is intended to provide participants with a thorough analysis of the historical development of eminent domain law in the United States. Substantive laws unique to particular states and jurisdictions are not detailed; however, the several types of statutory schemes will be reviewed to present an overview of the procedures involved in eminent domain. The sources of eminent domain law, from constitutional provisions to various federal and state statutes, will be presented as well as an analysis of the constitutional provisions regarding eminent domain. The elements of compensation and the legal aspects of eminent domain are included. The information provided is not legal advice and is not intended to supplant the advice of a licensed attorney in a state where affected property is in question. (8 contact hours)

Building Business Through Technology
Prominence on the internet for real estate professionals is especially critical as statistics consistently report the large majority of real estate buyers begin their search online. The goal of this course is to empower participants with the knowledge to become involved at the level each feels comfortable but to, at a minimum, understand the techniques necessary to employ or execute successful internet campaigns. Students will be introduced to the basic mechanics of how internet search engines operate and obtain an understanding of the type of algorithms and logic utilized by providers. This introduction will serve as a base for participant to learn proper utilization of tools necessary to manipulate website content and ultimately become more easily found online and drive traffic to each users website—resulting in more buyers and happy sellers. (16 contact hours)

July 6, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register

Essentials of Negotiation
Essentials of Negotiations covers concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation to help you constructively “land the deal.” The dynamics of interpersonal and inter-group conflict and its resolution are shared. Strategies, planning, ethics, finding and using negotiation power, effective communication, cross-cultural negotiations, and best practices will be explored that will lead to productivity. (16 contact hours)

January 5, 2015: ONLINE Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register.

September 1, 2015: ONLINE Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register.

NEW Google Earth for the Land Professional
This course will focus on using Google Earth to visualize various land development projects. It will cover how to create personalized projects in Google Earth, symbolize the properties, add text, and attach files, photos, and video. Instruction on how to overlay existing project files over the Google Earth terrain will be discussed. In addition, the course will examine how to use Google Earth to better understand the terrain of a land parcel and the viewable area of a property from any point. 
May 4, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact National at 1-800-441-5263 to register. 

November 2, 2015: Hybrid Course
Contact National at 1-800-441-5263 to register. 

NEW International Aspects of Real Estate
The term "global marketplace" has never been more descriptive - particularly when it comes to real estate. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, international buyers purchased more than $68.2 billion in real estate in the U.S. from 2012-2013. Whether you're an international investor, want a vacation property, or a first-generation immigrant living in the U.S.; purchasing in an unfamiliar market can be dauntingSimilarly, many American want to buy or invest in foreign real estate. This course will prepare any real estate professional to work with and provide much needed guidance to buyers, sellers, and investors.

February 2, 2015: ONLINE Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register

LAND 101: Fundamentals of Land Brokerage*
In this introduction to the land specialty, aspiring land professionals learn the basics of land brokerage, including the various types of land; the land brokerage process; the 1031 tax-deferred exchange process; market value; property rights and restrictions; subdivisions and assemblage; and environmental and regulatory issues. (16 contact hours)

*This course is required for the ALC designation

April 13-14, 2015: Castle Rock, CO
Douglas Elbert  REALTOR Association, 840 Kinner Street
Contact Maggie Thomas at 

July 6, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register.

No instructor interaction. Must be completed within six months of registration.

Land Development
In this course, students learn how to analyze, subdivide and market tracts of land to determine maximum allowable density, optimum configuration, and the market demand for sites and subdivided lots. Other topics covered are entiltiement, permitting, and financing. Students learn how to create marketing and promotional plans. 



Land Investment Analysis*
Land for investment is big business. In this course, students learn to determine relevant cash flows for origination (purchase/acquisition), operation (rents, income and partial sales), and liquidation (sale/disposition). Other topics covered are: time value of money techniques to analyze cash flows, traditional indicators (ratios, cap rates, cash-on-cash) for investment analysis, and alternative investment analysis as a way to select the most appropriate two acquisition technique. (24 contact hours)

*This course is required for the ALC designation.
February 2, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register.

September 1, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register.

Legal Aspects of Real Estate
The primary focus of the course will be laws governing real property rights and interests, (including the possession, use, encumbrance and conveyance of real property). Other topics will include: legal elements of real property; laws/methods used in recording instruments; transference of title; rights associated with real estate ownership; elements of real estate contracts; deeds and mortgages; restrictions on land use; title insurance and title examination; the closing process; tax implications of real estate transactions land use planning; environmental concerns. (16 contact hours)

Marketing Strategies
This course provides students the opportunity to use marketing to create a competitive advantage for their land business. The course will cover defining business goals, identifying opportunities, creating a brand, and developing a marketing plan. Learn to think like a marketing expert to determine strategies that best fit your business. Analyze tactics such as advertising, direct marketing, social media marketing, websites, search engine marketing, and word of mouth marketing. Additionally the course will discuss key fundamentals when dealing with buyers and sellers. (16 contact hours)

November 3, 2014: ONLINE Course
Contact RLI National at 800-441-5263 to register.

April 6, 2015: ONLINE Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register.

Mineral, Oil, and Property Rights
More each day, land professionals must understand the foundational principles and basic laws of oil, gas, and minerals rights. The course will provide an introduction to the historical basis of wealth related to minerals, types of ownership including mineral and royalty concepts as well as the rules that surround these concepts, types of conveyances and title transfers, curing land titles and the oil and gas lease. Get up to speed on pooling, exploration and drilling, fracking, and the state and federal laws governing oil and gas ownership and development. (16 contact hours)
May 4, 2015: ONLINE Course
Contact National at 800-441-5263 to register.

Practical Navigation for Land Professionals
This course will teach students the basics of land navigation and how to use map, compass, GPS, and mapping software to help grow their businesses and meet the needs of their clients.It will also provide students with relevant navigational insights and skills to better equip them to locate, traverse, list, and market land parcels. (16 contact hours)

Site Selection
Under everything is land. How can the land professional add value by understanding the site selection process? What is the highest and best use for a site? Land Brokers need to be able to determine if there is a GAP in a specific trade area - the difference between demand and supply. Land Brokers also need to understand the process of market analysis, political and legal analysis, site analysis and financial analysis. In this course we shall investigate economic trends, growth trends and projecting demand. Upon completion, students are able to utilize the knowledge and practical resources offered to evaluate the possibilities offered by a specific parcel of land." (16 contact hours) 

Tax Implications of Real Estate
This course covers the key tax implications of real estate transactions and provides master strategies to help clients understand how these tax implications will affect them. Knowing the issues enables the land professional to become a more trusted advisor. Understanding the tax code will help existing clients and attract new ones as well. (16 contact hours)

Sept 8, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact RLI National at 800-441-5263 to register.

Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges*
One of the most useful tools for helping clients sell appreciated business, farm, and investment real estate is the Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 like-kind exchange. Students learn how one property can be sold and a replacement property purchased without incurring any federal income taxes on the sale. Federal tax rules are closely reviewed, so students learn to easily recognize exchange situations and explain to clients the tax-saving benefits of the 1031 exchange. This course also covers delayed exchanges and how the installment sale of relinquished property may qualify in a transaction to acquire replacement property. (16 contact hours)

*This course is required for the ALC designation.
April 6, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact the Institute at 1.800.441.5263 to register
October 5, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact the Institute at 1.800.441.5263 to register

The goal of the Timberland course is to give the real estate professional an awareness of what makes a good timberland investment, how to recognize that investment, and how to evaluate it for current and future use. This course will look at factors affecting timberland values, measurements, timber inventory, valuing pre-merchantable pine plantations, marketing timber, reforestation, and timber as an investment. The course covers how to recognize the value in timber, what affects that value, what may make a property a strong or weak investment, and how to best market timberland. (16 contact hours)
October 5, 2015: HYBRID Course
Contact the Institute at 800-441-5263 to register.

2014 National Land Conference
Elective Course Credit The RLI National Land Conference present diverse information and relevant takeaways from experts in their fields. It offers one and a half days of sessions on the most compelling issues facing the land professional today. Valuable networking and knowledge-sharing occurs with top-notch land professionals. The event has exhibits showcasing products and services designed to help the land professional raise the level of his/her business. The course requirements include attendance at the sessions and a white paper. (16 contact hours)

RLI National does not apply for CE credits. Each accrediting body has its own rules regarding CE credits. To find out if a course is approved, please contact the specific accrediting body.
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