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    NEW 2016 ALC Marketing Collateral Package

    The ALC Marketing Collateral Package includes three promotional flyers that will be personalized for you as an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC). You will be able to use these to promote yourself and as another way to bring awareness to clients about your unique strengths as a result of being a designee. New flyer designs coming in Q1 2017! $30/3 personalized flyers.

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  • ALC Consumer Brochure

    You’ve worked hard for your ALC. Let your clients know about the ALC designation with the ALC Consumer Brochure. This brochure has a special place for your own personal business card and a back pocket to add your own inserts. To order, please contact the Institute at 1.800.441.5263

    Hard Copies: 25/$42.00 + $7.99 Shipping & Handling
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  • 2015 National Land Conference Presentation PDFs
    The 2015 National Land Conference PDFs are copies of the 16 speaker PowerPoint presentations. The package costs $105 and includes an email with the following pdfs:

    • Identifying and Building Your Brand: Marshall Brown
      • BONUS: Personal Brand Attributes Worksheet
    • Types of Land Auctions: Jimmie Dean Coffey
    • Looking Through KC’s “Interesting” Eyes: KC Conway
    • The State of Land Lending / How to Work With Lenders: Bill Davis
    • About the Economy: Mark Dotzour, PhD
    • Real Estate Opportunities in North America Shale Plays: Michael Elliot
    • A Changing Climate: Fires and Forest: Zander Evans
    • Fisheries and Water Management: Greg Grimes
    • 1031: Its Future: Christopher Hatcher
    • Mineral Leasing, Title, and Valuations: David Smith
    • Climate and Land Issues: Gene Takle, PhD
    • The Increase in Regional Wines and New Vineyard Development: JoAnn Wall
    • What Land Professionals Should Know About Soils: An Introduction: James Walworth, PhD
    • Land Investment Funds: Phillip Wiggins
    • Highest and Best Use: Sharon Woods
    • Economic Trends: Lawrence Yun, PhD

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  • LANDU - ALC Required Course Review Manual
    This manual is a review of the three required courses for earning the  prestigious Accredited Land Consultant Designation (ALC).  Each unit includes key takeaways and was created by an approved REALTORS® Land Institute instructor–experts in the  areas covered.
    • LAND 101:Fundamentals of Land Brokerage | Authors: Ben Crosby, ALC; Sam Kain, ALC
    • Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges | Author: James Miller, Esq.
    • Land Investment Analysis | Author:  Randy Hertz, ALC

    ALC Designees: $89

    ALC Candidates: $99

    Non-Members: $199

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  • Web Seminars
    Web seminar CD-ROMs are archives of past RLI web seminars. These tools allow all who attended the sessions to share the materials with colleagues, clients, and staff. They are useful, credible, and relevant just-in-time professional development and marketing tools. The information on these CD-ROMs builds knowledge and can be utilized to help build bonds and trust with others. For those who were unable to attend the webcasts, these are opportunities to have access to the audio and visual presentations.

    Please Note: The information presented as a part of these web seminars should not be construed as a recommendation of any course of action regarding financial, legal, or accounting matters by the REALTORS® Land Institute. Each transaction contains distinctive characteristics and viewers should consult with their own attorney, accountant, tax advisor, or expert consultant before proceeding with any course of conduct to determine its implications for your individual circumstances. The REALTORS® Land Institute expressly disclaims any liability arising from the use or reliance upon the information contained in these web seminars.

    Video – The Future of Real Estate Marketing and Using Drones to Grow Your Business

    Video is a powerful tool in the buying and selling of property, and aerial imagery has become more accessible through the proliferation of drones. Find out how to effectively use video, the pros and cons of drone use, and ways to use these tools to grow your business.

    Members: $79

    Non-Members: $109

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    Top 10 Apps for the Land Professional

    In this “new normal technical and immediate world”, the land professional must be mobile and connected to keep up with the industry and clients. Apps have become important tools for staying connected while on the road. This web seminar will dive into tips for using the following apps: MileIQ, iTopoMaps, GeoElevation, JotNot Scanner, Photo Measures, DropBox, Evernote, Planimeter, Easy Measure, and Metes and Bounds.
    Members: $79

    Non-Members: $109

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    Ins & Outs of the 2014 Farm Bill

    Land owners and clients trying to determine which of the new federal farm programs are best for the them, will have a oppurtunity to watch a live discussion of the 2014 Farm Bill. This web seminar covers oppurtunities to reallcate your base acrege program, based on planting history. How to Update your farm’s yields on actual yield history. Way to understand the three farm-income support options. And will help you guide your clients in the decision making process.

    Members: $79
    Non-Members: $109
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    ABCs of Easement Valuation

    Learn specific methods and procedures to measure and value property before and after an encumbrance, as well as damages, if any result. The hot topic web seminar will cover the basic easement valuation of theory and matrix and the two approaches to valuation: the federal rule and state rule.  It answers important questions to consider when valuing easement and what errors to avoid in valuation. Presented by Donald J. Sherwood, MAI, SR/WA, FRICS, the Director of the Fort Worth office of Integra Realty Resources. Donald has over 30 years of appraisal experience, and has performed appraisals on all types of real property.
    Members: $79
    Non-Members: $109
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    Land Use Development & Regulations

    Whether you’re building a new building, changing the purpose of an existing property, or planning to redevelop land, you will need to understand your municipality’s land use regulations and procedures. This hot topic web seminar covers, the importance of understanding land use regulations, interplay between local, state, and federal regulations, understanding which regulations apply to you, and when and how to initiate litigation.

    Presented by Daniel P. Dalton, a founding attorney at Dalton & Tomich, focuses on commercial litigation with an emphasis on banking, business and land use, and zoning laws. He is a frequent author, lecturer and considered a leading litigator on behalf of religious entities concerned with religious land use. He has been named one of the top land use and zoning attorneys in the United States by Martindale Hubble and a top 25 attorney in the State of Michigan.

    Members: $79
    Non Members: $109

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    Google Earth for Land Development Professionals

    The Google Earth for Land Development Professionals web seminar will focus on using Google Earth to visualize various land development projects.  You’ll learn how to create your own projects in Google Earth, symbolize the properties, add text, attach files, photos, and video, and overlay existing project files over the Google Earth terrain.  In addition, we’ll examine how you to can use Google Earth to better understand the terrain of a land parcel and the viewable area of a property from any point. Finally, you’ll learn techniques for sharing your information with potential clients. The real time event occurred February 19, 2014.

    Presented by Eric Pimpler, President of Geospatial Training Services. Pimpler has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Texas A&M University and a Master’s of Applied Geography degree with a concentration in GIS from Texas State University. He has long been interested in real estate. His father and grandfather were both life long real estate construction developers. Eric is an active real estate investor and currently owns five rural residential investment properties in Texas.

    Members: $79
    Non Members: $109

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    Land Considerations of Renewable Energy Projects
    Learn the basic elements of renewable energy project development with a special focus on land related issues. Land related issues or considerations for renewable energy development are almost identical for any renewable energy power generation project. Selecting the project site is just one component of the renewable energy project development process. The characteristics of that site represent a vital aspect for the success of whether or not the project actually comes to reality and gets built. Examination of the environmental, financial, ownership-surface and subsurface-and proximity to electrical transmission all need to be thoroughly evaluated.

    Presented by Jesse Tippett and Albie Fong, editors and authors of the book Project Development in the Solar Industry whose land chapter was co-authored by William Hugron, ALC. 

    Members: $79
    Non Members: $109
    Live session registrants: $39

    Order the CD here or call 1.800.441.5263

  • White Papers
    Below are White Paper submissions from REALTORS® Land Institute Members that are of particular interest or use to members of the Land profession. If you would like a hard copy of one of the White Papers please contact us at 1.800.441.5263 or rli@realtors.org. Each copy is $5.99.

    *Members of the REALTORS® Land Institute have access to the White Papers as a member benefit and can find copies of the White Papers in theMembers Only section of the website. 


    “Value, Demand, Market, and Pricing?” by Ben Van Dyke, Real Estate Centre

    “U.S. Economy Under Attack” by Terry Dean, Upper Midwest Management Group

    “The Art of Fishery and Water Management” by Wendy Johnson, RE/MAX Landmark

    “Texas Soil – Diggin Into the Dirt” by Courtney Bishop, RE/MAX Landmark

    “North Central Texas Soil” by Lisa Moden, Ebby Halliday Realtors

    “No-Till Farming for Land Brokers” by Marty Major, Rocking X Land Company

    “Lasso the Wind: Bank the Green” by Phyllis Clary, Keller Williams Realty Lake Conroe

    “Increasing Real Estate Values” by Ren Marty, Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty

    “Climate and Land Issues” by Heleen Jacobsen, Real Estate Centre


    “Auction: Is Your Seller Ready to Let GO?” by Drew Ary, Williams & Williams Worldwide Real Estate Auction Company

    “Hydraulic Fracturing in Nevada” by Paul Bottari of Bottari & Associates Realty Inc.

    “Over a Cliff and Hoping for Solid Ground” by Brad Nolen of TrueSouth Properties

    “Southern Timber Outlook” by John Burnham of TrueSouth Properties


    “The Sustainability of Farm Land Prices” by David Whitaker, Hertz Real Estate


    “Institutional Investment in the Farm Asset Class” by Dr. Kim Alexander, Alexander AG

    Land Conference White Paper by Heidi Allbritton, Keller Williams Commercial

    “Land and Policies, the Dilemma” by Bill Coleman, Prudential Utah Real Estate

    “Water Rights: Western United States in Particular” by Wendy A Forthun, 1 Stop Realty, Inc

    “The Future of Our Fields” by Aaron Graham, Premier Outdoor Properties, Inc.

    “Land Value Bubble or is This for Real?” by Donald Kracke, United Country – First State Realty

    “An Agrarian History of the United States” by Otis Lyons, Brass Key Realty

    “Water Rights: National Perspective, Colorado Focus” by Sue Meyers, RE/MAX Real Estate Group

    “New Mexico Water Rights” by Robert G. Morper, Real Estate Asset Counselors, Inc

    “Wind Rights: Do we really need them?” by Allen Olmsted, Canaan Realty

    “Farm Land Values, Bubble or Boom?” by Dan Perez, Trophy Properties Real Estate, LLC

    “Pitfalls of Severing Wind Rights” by Jeff Phelps, Cabela’s Trophy Properties

    “Land Values: Bubble, Boom, Or Bust?” By Chris Smith, Hertz Real Estate Services

    “Central Illinois at the Forefront of the Land Boom” by Luke Worrell, Worrell-Leka Land Services

    “Farm Bubble” by Dave Rose, Area Vice President, United Country Real Estate

    “An Urgent Alternative” by Gary Gettman, A Vision Realty

  • LAND: The Core of Real Estate Manual
    Land is the core of real estate. Six expert Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs) authored this brief informational manual covering the fundamentals of land and of land as a specialty. Learn some of the unique strategies involved in the business of land.


    • Introduction by Michael Landreth, ALC
    • Chapter I: Opportunities and Pitfalls by Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC
    • Chapter II: What’s It Worth? by Terri Jensen, ALC
    • Chapter III: Buying Investment Farmland by Randy Hertz, ALC
    • Chapter IV: Choosing a Professional Land Surveyor by Norma Nisbet, ALC
    • Chapter V: Highest and Best Use by Terri Jensen, ALC
    • Chapter VI: Closing Remarks by Mark Cumbest, ALC

    For more information call 1.800.441.5263

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    Both Winter and Fall Issues: $37.98
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