2016 National Land Conference Draws Best In The Business

March 16, 2016 (Chicago, Ill.)- Over two-hundred and fifty land professionals from thirty-one states gathered in Dallas, Texas, from March 11-13 to attend the 2016 National Land Conference hosted annually by the REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI). Ninety-six Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs) attended the conference and over twenty 2015 ALCs received their ALC pins at the conference’s ALC Luncheon. During the conference, the Institute presented seven distinguished ALC members with esteemed Institute Awards.

George Clift, ALC, of Amarillo, Texas, received the 2015 Land REALTOR® of America Award. The Land REALTOR® of America Award recognizes members of REALTORS® Land Institute for their effort and work expended in the interest of their fellow Institute members, their profession, and their community.

Aaron Graham, ALC, of Gretna, Nebraska, received the 2015 Rising Star Award. The Rising Star Award recognizes a member approaching a mid-level in his/her career who is on his/her way to making significant contributions to the land profession and to the Institute.

Porter Martin, ALC, of Traverse City, IL, received the 2015 Meeks Distinguished Service Award. In honor of dedicated, long-time Accredited Land Consultant Robert C. Meeks, the Distinguished Service Award is presented to an ALC in recognition of long-term commitment and service to fellow-Institute members, the land profession, and the community. Otto Sprenger, ALC, was also recognized at the conference as a recipient of this award in 2003.

Steve Anderson, ALC, and Andrew Van Rensburg, ALC, were both posthumous recipients of the 2015 Excellence in Instruction Award. The Excellence in Instruction Award recognizes REALTORS® Land Institute instructors for their exceptional teaching skills, contributions to LANDU professional development, and volunteerism for the REALTORS® Land Institute education program.

David Hitchcock, ALC, and Clay Taylor, ALC, both of Lakeland, Florida, received the ALC-to-ALC Networking Award after working together to complete an $8,150,471 transaction. The ALC-to-ALC Networking Awards showcase the range of referral opportunities available to those land professionals who have achieved the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation.

The Institute also awarded the RLI Illinois Chapter with the Chapter of the Year Award and Molly Suarez of the Iowa Chapter as the Chapter Administrator of the Year.

About the REALTORS® Land Institute
The REALTORS® Land Institute is the professional membership organization for real estate practitioners who specialize in land transactions. Over 100 years old, the Institute provides a wide range of programs and services that build knowledge, relationships, and business opportunities for the best in the land business. Through its best-in-class LANDU curriculum, the REALTORS® Land Institute confers its Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation to only those real estate practitioners who achieve the highest levels of education, experience, and professionalism. For more information, visit rliland.com or call 800.441.5263.