RLI Chapters

Commitment and dedication describe the RLI Chapters. The REALTORS® Land Institute enjoys strong and active chapter programs because of the superior commitment and dedication of its volunteers. RLI Chapters routinely sponsor LANDU courses, as well as an array of professional development programs and special events.

Members of RLI can elect to join one or more chapter organizations and benefit from participation on a regional or local basis. Members must be in good standing with national to elect chapter membership.

RLI Chapter Events

RLI Chapters across the country host in-person events to facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and deal making! Check out the events below or, for courses offered by chapters, view our upcoming courses page.

RLI Chapters by State


2020 Alabama Chapter Leaders

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President | Eric Leisy, ALC

President Elect | Forrest During

Secretary | Mitch Jones

Immediate Past President | Joe Blackburn, ALC

Chapter Administrator | Kathy Baber

Board Member | Pete Hall

Board Member | Ben Richardson

Board Member | Jeff Hardy

Board Member | Clay Patrick


2020 Arkansas Chapter Leaders

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President | Brandon Stafford, ALC

President Elect | Joel King, ALC

Secretary / Treasurer | Angie Gallaher

Chapter Administrator | Ladonna Ignatiuk
Arkansas REALTORS® Association

Board Member | Gar Lile, ALC

Board Member | Mark Knight, ALC

Board Member | Corey Schneider, ALC

Board Member | John Daniel Neeley

Board Member | Ted Glaub, ALC


2020 Carolinas Chapter Leaders

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President | Don Bell

President Elect | Eric Andrews, ALC

Immediate Past President | Ocie Trey Allen III

Secretary/Treasurer | Lou Jewell, ALC

Chapter Administrator | Rekeeda McCoy
Phone: 336-854-5868

Director | Christina Asbury, ALC

Director | Jay Culler, ALC

Director | Johnny McAllister, ALC

Director | Charles Hinnant, ALC

Director | Bob King, ALC

Director | George Munford, ALC

Director |

Director | Chris Miller, ALC

Director | Emelia Noa

Director | Kenneth Richardson


2020 Colorado Chapter Leaders

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President | Joey Burns, ALC

President-Elect | Daniel Murphy, ALC

Chapter Administrator | Maggie Thomas
Phone: 720-491-1754

Secretary | Sue Myers

Treasurer | Jim Nerlin

Immediate Past President | Justin Osborn, ALC

Director | Bill Davis, ALC

Director | Kirk Goble, ALC

Director | Russell Hickey

Director | Bart Miller, ALC

Director | Craig Townsend

Director | Kem Winternitz, ALC


2020 Florida Chapter Leaders

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President | William “Billy” Rollins, ALC
Secretary | Jib Davidson
Treasurer | Clay Taylor, ALC
Immediate Past President |
Vice President | Mac Martin, ALC
Director | David Hitchcock, ALC
Director | Danny Smith, ALC
Director | Trevor C. Williams


2020 Georgia Chapter Leaders

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President | Raborn Taylor III, ALC
Vice President |  Mike Garrett, ALC
Secretary | Elena Stanfield
Treasurer | Sam Bowers, ALC
Immediate Past President | Jesse “Butch” Armistead, ALC
Chapter Administrator | FD Bell
Director | Jesse “Butch” Armistead, ALC
Director | Daniel Crocker, ALC
Director | Mike Matre, ALC


2020 RLI Iowa Chapter Leaders

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President | David Thien, ALC
President-Elect | Ryan Kay
Vice-President | Andrew Zellmer
Treasurer | Troy Louwagie, ALC
Immediate Past President | Travis Smock
Chapter Administrator | Traci Schermerhorn

Director – NW Regional VP | Vacant
Director – SW Regional VP | Scott Henrichsen
Director – Central Regional VP | Noah Wendt
Director – NE Regional VP | Roger Johnson
Director – SE Regional VP | Eric Schlutz


2020 Illinois Chapter Leaders

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President | John Leezer, ALC
President-Elect |
Vice-President | Reid Thompson
Secretary / Treasurer | Ray Brownfield, ALC
Immediate Past President | Luke Worrell, ALC
Chapter Administrator | Jill Bernahl
Director | Doug Deininger, ALC
Director | Jason Lestina
Director | Monte Van Kooten, ALC
Director | Rob Warmbir
Director | Dave Klein, ALC
Director | Gene Curtis, ALC
Director | Winnie Stortzum, ALC
Director | Joe Gizdic, ALC


2020 Kansas Chapter Leaders

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President | Brian Rose
Secretary / Treasurer | John Brocker
Immediate Past President | Tim Gates, ALC
Chapter Administrator | Maggie Thomas
Director |Brandy Criss Engler
Director | Kelvin Heck, ALC
Director | Dave Rose
Director | Brian Pine


2020 RLI Louisiana Chapter

President | Bradley Cook
Vice President |
Secretary |
Treasurer |
Chapter Administrator | Angela Walters
Director |
Director |
Director |
Director |
Director |


2020 Minnesota Chapter Leaders

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President |Terri Jensen, ALC
President-Elect |

Treasurer | David Hanson
Secretary | Wendy Forthun, ALC
Immediate Past President | Bob Stalberger, ALC
Board Member | Jim Zeller
Board Member | Terry Dean, ALC
Board Member | Rod Osterloh, ALC


2020 Mississippi Chapter Leaders

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President | Michael Mitchell
President-Elect | Joel McKee
Secretary / Treasurer | Steve Purvis
Immediate Past President | Stephen Butler
Chapter Administrator | Glenda Gilmer
Director | John Dean
Director | Adam Hester
Director | Edna J. Murray


2020 Missouri Chapter Leaders

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President | Jeff Heil, ALC
President-Elect | Mark James
Secretary | Kathy Loew
Treasurer | Jennifer Janet
Immediate Past President | Boyd Harris, ALC
Chapter Administrator | Robert Campbell


2020 Oklahoma Chapter Leaders

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President | Drew Ary, ALC
President-Elect | Rod Canterbury
Secretary | Eric Zellers
Treasurer | Brent Wellings
Immediate Past President | Ricky Ward, ALC
Chapter Administrator | Maggie Thomas
Director | Clay Baxter
Director | Eric Fine
Director | Tammie Hiatt
Director | Brent Lyday, ALC
Director | Trina Ward
Director | Sherm Shanklin
Director | Debbie Durkee, ALC

Pacific NW

2020 Pacific NW Chapter Leaders

President | Brian Meece, ALC
President-Elect |
Secretary/Treasurer | Flo Sayre, ALC
Vice-President | Flo Sayre, ALC
Immediate Past President | Garrett Zoller, ALC
Chapter Administrator |Flo Sayre
Director | Daryl Johnson, ALC
Director | Tom Damon, ALC
Director | Lisa Johnson, ALC
Director | Greg Reich
Director | Skye Root, ALC


2020 RLI Tennessee Chapter Leaders

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President | Geoff Hurdle, ALC
Vice-President | Shawn Massey, ALC
Treasurer | Bob Turner, ALC
Chapter Administrator | Brittany Hurdle
Director | Thomas Krajewski, ALC
Director | Travis Robeson, ALC
Director | Todd Henon, ALC


2020 Texas Chapter Leaders

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President | Steven Bilicek, ALC
President-Elect | Norma Carleton, ALC
Secretary | Jerrett Lamb
Treasurer | Von Box, ALC
Immediate Past President | Minor Taylor, ALC
Chapter Administrator | Kinski Moss

Director | Marc Bradberry
Director | Don Honeycutt, ALC
Director | Megan Turnipseed
Director | Wendy Johnson, ALC
Director | BG Pierce, ALC
Director | Cathy Cole, ALC


2020 Virginia Chapter Leaders

President | Bill Burruss, ALC
Chapter AdministratorBill Burruss, ALC


2020 Wyoming Chapter Leaders

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President | Ted Harvey, ALC
President-Elect |
Secretary / Treasurer | Todd Kittel
Immediate Past President | Tim Rogers, ALC
Chapter Administrator | Maggie Thomas
Director | Ivan Judd, ALC
Director | Blair Newman, ALC
Director | Chia Valdez-Schwartz