ALC Designation Committee

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The Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation Committee of the REALTORS® Land Institute creates and oversees policy relating to the ALC requirements, application process, and approval of candidates. The Committee reviews and processes ALC applications in accordance with guidelines.

Responsibilities & Functions

Continually take a critical look at the requirements in order to uphold the strength and value of the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation.

Oversee the ALC Application Process

  • Clarify policy and criteria when discrepancies arise in an applicant
  • Provide assistance to an applicant who needs further instruction or clarification on an issue that an Institute staff member cannot provide
  • Offer their help to individual applicants on a voluntary basis
  • Give unbiased consideration to ALC applications submitted
  • Approve applicants and refer them to the Board of Directors for Approval
  • Inform Institute Staff Liaison of all expectations of ALC applications

Review ALC Requirements

  • Continue to compare ALC requirements with market trends
  • Create or revise policies as needed
  • Explore similar designation programs
  • Examine professional tier requirements
  • Manage Fast Track designations and requirements
  • Review ALC Exam when concerns arise