Become A LANDU Instructor

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

Be a part of the team that makes the best in the business the best in the business! RLI’s LANDU Instructors embody the networking, camaraderie, and expertise that ensure our membership thrives. LANDU Instructors are more than teachers, they are mentors, leaders, and experienced experts in their field looking to give back to the organization and the industry.
Take-your-pick course formats! LANDU Instructors can choose teach courses in either or both our Online-VILT (virtual led instructor training) or in-person classroom course formats. With 19 RLI Chapters across the US, our instructors have opportunities to teach and expand their network both near and far. With our Online-VILT courses, instructors get to use RLI’s intuitive LANDU Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver their courses on their own schedule and without needing to travel or take time away from their jobs.

Why Be A LANDU Instructor?

Hear From Our LANDU Instructors

I love teaching for RLI! I love the teaching resources RLI provides. Some resources, like the course Facilitator Guide, make it easy to stay on track. The annual training RLI provides at NLC every year is very beneficial, RLI Staff is there to provide support every step of the way, and we have been able to create a learning platform that is easy to use. Being on the RLI faculty is a great opportunity to be seen as an industry expert, provides networking opportunities with other land agents, and offers me a chance to expand my knowledge base by interacting with program participants. As an RLI instructor, I have an opportunity to give back to the Institute and the land brokerage industry, while being compensated for my time.

I am happy I joined the RLI Faculty. I believe the courses are valuable, and the experience is rewarding both personally and professionally. I invite you to join us as I believe you, too, will share the same rewarding experiences.

Phil McGinnis, ALC
Phil McGinnis, ALCMcGinnis Commercial Real Estate Co.

Teaching the Timberland Real Estate course for RLI has been extremely rewarding.  I have loved getting to know fellow RLI members and the opportunity to promote RLI to non-members that are choosing to enhance their careers by taking one of the classes offered by RLI.  As a consulting forester, timberland has been my career. Getting to share my knowledge of it and land tips with fellow REALTORS® and learn from them the things that they need help with, as well as the ability to learn from each other and share marketing strategies, is something I always look forward to when preparing to teach a LANDU course.  The networking opportunities that are available in classroom courses are an added bonus that brings tremendous value. 

I am convinced that RLI offers the best education in the business and I am humbled to be a part of it.  The RLI National staff as well as the state RLI Chapter Administrators have been a blessing to work with and make our job as instructors much easier.

Rick Taylor, ALC
Rick Taylor, ALCMossy Oak Properties Forest Investments, Inc.

After seven years as an active RLI member, I saw the way my business thrived as a result of my professional connections with RLI contacts across the country. When I was asked to consider being an instructor for the organization, I immediately knew that it was a way for me to give back to both the organization and my peers. The networking that has come from being an instructor is fabulous.  It is fun and enjoyable being able to be in front of students that choose to be in a class, as opposed to those that are required to be.

Justin Osborn, ALC
Justin Osborn, ALCThe Wells Group

Since 2003, I have had the privilege to teach RLI’s Land 101: Fundamentals of Land Brokerage LANDU course and I always learn something from our students. Yes, it is amazing how much our students challenge us and teach us. Networking in our classroom courses is what makes it all work – unless you do not like referrals. Plus, the LANDU course material is second to none. Easy to present and, most importantly, easy to comprehend. Results are the reward! Watching over the year those who have shared 16+ hours with you to grow in our exciting Land industry.

What’s wrong with this picture? Come join us!

Lou Jewell, ALC
Lou Jewell, ALCUnited Country Real Estate

I was not looking to be an instructor. Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC, wanted to step down but thought he needed to replace himself so he asked me to consider taking over the position. Somewhat reluctantly, I decided to meet him in Nashville to audit a Land 101: Fundamentals of Land Brokerage course that he was teaching. I got hooked, applied, and was approved to become an instructor.

Instructing classes is a fun sideline and it is very rewarding to watch people learn new things and get excited about the land business. Throughout my time as an instructor, I have made a lot of new friends around the country that I can call anytime. I have received referrals from people because of the relationships built.

The best part is watching people earn their ALC pin and knowing I had a small part in helping them complete their education.

Ben Crosby, ALC
Ben Crosby, ALCCrosby & Associates, Inc.

Why Teach Online?

I teach the online Land Investment Analysis program, which is convenient as I can instruct from my office, I lose no time to travel, and I can work around my schedule. The platform is really intuitive, and RLI is there every step of the way to help trouble shoot any technical issues. The online format enables me to instruct more courses than if I had to travel, and more teaching equals more networking, expertise sharing, and more instructor pay.

Phil McGinnis, ALC
Phil McGinnis, ALCMcGinnis Commercial Real Estate Co.

Do you like serving and helping others?  Being an instructor for the RLI is a great way to do it! Teaching online courses enables me to teach without leaving home and my family. The platform is intuitive and very easy to use (even the GEICO cave man could use it!). The RLI staff has been great to work with and is very responsive to troubleshoot and solve any technical issues should they occur. 

Jim Miller, Esq.
Jim Miller, Esq.Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. (IPX1031)

LANDU Instructor Criteria

Interested In Becoming An Instructor?

RLI is currently accepting instructor applications! LANDU Instructors are ambassadors for the REALTORS® Land Institute, LANDU Education Program, and the overall land real estate industry. They are experts in their field, dedicating time and energy to help others become the best of the best.

Eligibility application criteria to serve as an instructor has been established as meeting the following general minimum requirements:

  1. Be an active land or commercial real estate agent who currently holds the ALC Designation or another NAR Commercial affiliate designation as a member in good standing of their respective organization;

    OR be considered a subject matter expert on a particular topic who is involved with land or commercial real estate in some professional capacity (i.e. technology, lawyer, accountant, construction, developer, etc.) but does not hold an active real estate license.

  2. Have experience in instructing or lecturing adult professionals, whether at a college, a professional program, or as a panel member or speaker at a symposium, seminar, lecture or convention.
  3. Be proficient in the use of technological presentation tools such as webinar platforms and Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, etc.

Have questions or want to learn more? Interested applicants may contact Amanda Morrone, Education Manager, at amorrone@realtors.org or 312.329.8441 with questions or complete the instructor interest form online to receive more information.

Become A LANDU Instructor