Land – The Original American Dream

Land has always been a staple of the American dream. From the…
May 24, 2018/by Laura Barker

Social Media And The Land Professional

First, we need to lay out the difference between marketing and…
May 23, 2018/by Laura Barker

Pond Management: Why is My Pond Filling Up?

I hear this question all the time when it comes to pond management…
May 22, 2018/by Laura Barker

Pork Industry Brings Home The Bacon

Bacon. Hot dogs. Ham. Sausages. What would an American meal be…
May 17, 2018/by Laura Barker

Time Out-Sourced

As a broker, what activities do you enjoy doing the most? Is…
May 16, 2018/by Laura Barker

All About Transitional Land

Transitional land. It’s a new word for a concept that’s been…
May 15, 2018/by Laura Barker

Top Tips for Growing Your Client Base

There are lots of articles for real estate agents on how to grow…
May 10, 2018/by Laura Barker

Upfront Marketing Money: Partner With Your Clients

It is well known in the auction industry that about 90 percent…
May 9, 2018/by Laura Barker

The Impact of Legal Marijuana on Land Real Estate

Weed. Pot. The Devil’s Lettuce. Whatever you want to call it,…
May 8, 2018/by Laura Barker
land real estate investing

Hottest Markets For Land Real Estate Investing

Land Real Estate Investing: Warmer... Hotter! ON FIRE! Land…
May 3, 2018/by Jessa Friedrich

Transitional Land: Finding The Highest & Best Use

Land. A word some commercial agents fear and some see as an opportunity.…
May 3, 2018/by Laura Barker

How To Start Your Own Vineyard

Who hasn’t secretly (or not so secretly) dreamed of opening…
May 3, 2018/by Laura Barker

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