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prospecting phone calls

Prospecting Scripts For Land Professionals

Not all REALTORS® love cold calling, but most of those that…
September 17, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich
new mexico land

Why You Need a Qualified Land Agent For Your Transaction

Buying or selling land can be a complicated business, and prospective…
September 13, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich
hiking recreational land

Need To Knows For Buying Recreational Land Right Now

America is a land of wide-open spaces and with all its natural…
September 10, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich
blockchain real estate

Blockchains in Land Real Estate

Blockchain in land real estate has not quite yet been accepted…
September 6, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich

Broker Tips For Choosing & Recruiting New Land Agents

The Value in a Value Proposition For a land real estate business…
September 4, 2019/by Laura Barker

Five Books All Land Agents Should Read

What’s better than settling down with a really good book? The…
August 20, 2019/by Laura Barker
land agent

RPR Offers RLI REALTOR® Members Valuable Resources

I had the pleasure of attending my first National Land Conference…
August 15, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich
Land Investment

Growing Green: An Investor’s Guide To Investing In Land Real Estate

We believe investing in land real estate starts with the why.…
August 8, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich
tree rotted

Does Your Land Need Curb Appeal to Sell?

Curb appeal - you’ve probably heard the term thrown around…
August 6, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich

Has Wall Street Abandoned Farm Producers?

The Chairman of the Federal reserve told a group of senators…
August 1, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich
flooded field

Thoughts on Flood Recovery for Farmers

With record floods receding all along the Missouri river valley,…
July 29, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich

Concerning Cannabis

In 2012, the citizens of Colorado voted decisively to become…
July 25, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich

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