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Buying Land For Hobby Farming 101

Whether or not you consider yourself a green thumb, it isn’t…
July 2, 2020/by Dave Adams
hunting tree stand

How to Buy Hunting Land

When you buy hunting land, you get to enjoy your private property…
June 23, 2020/by Dave Adams
invest in farmland

Why Farmland Is A Good Investment

While many current media stories relate the plight of the American…
June 16, 2020/by Dave Adams
land home

Buying Land For Building A Home Versus Buying A House

Whether you’re considering buying an existing home or purchasing…
June 8, 2020/by Dave Adams

The Road To Buying Your First Rural Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has convinced many people that they don't…
June 3, 2020/by Dave Adams
invest in land retirement

Retiring Baby Boomers See Land Real Estate As “Land of Milk & Honey”

As more Baby Boomers enter retirement, they have started to explore…
May 29, 2020/by Dave Adams
money growth time

Do Not Let the Virus be an Obstacle to Selling Your Property: Know Your Options With A Section 453

The virus is affecting everything in our lives. Stay at home.…
May 21, 2020/by Dave Adams
rural home

COVID-19 Lockdown Puts Focus on Rural Broadband Deficiencies

As the COVID-19 lock-down encourages more people to consider…
May 13, 2020/by Dave Adams
rural home

Will Americans Trade-In Their Urban Lifestyles For Rural Ones In The Wake Of COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic will encourage a lot of people to rethink…
April 29, 2020/by Dave Adams
rural residential farm

COVID-19 Impacts on Rural Residential Hobby Farms

A panel of Accredited Land Consultants of the REALTORS® Land…
April 24, 2020/by Dave Adams
recreational land camping

Are Buyers Moving To Recreational Land In The Age Of COVID-19?

A panel of Accredited Land Consultants of the REALTORS® Land…
April 23, 2020/by Dave Adams

COVID-19 Impacts on Agricultural Tillable Farmland

A panel of Accredited Land Consultants of the REALTORS® Land…
April 23, 2020/by Dave Adams

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