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Social Media and the Land REALTOR®

This article originally appeared in the REALTORS® Land Institute’s Summer…
August 4, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich

Drones: Navigating the Rules and Regulations of Legal Commercial Use

This article originally appeared in the REALTORS® Land Institute's Summer…
July 25, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich

Does Your Forestland Have Curb Appeal?

As with residential property, there are steps a landowner can…
June 27, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich

5 Ways to Maximize Your Listings

This article was originally featured in the 2016 Summer Edition…
June 22, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich
Timberland Investing

The Basics Of Timberland Investing

June 21, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich

Top Land Real Estate Blogs to Follow

With easy access to the internet, staying up to date on the latest…
June 15, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich

Working with Efficiency on the Road

How much time do you spend in your vehicle during the work week?…
June 1, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich
ranch real estate

Tips & Thoughts On How To Sell A Ranch

If this title had you thinking, “Oh good, I’ll just read…
May 25, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich

Optimize Your Find A Land Consultant Profile

If you are a member of the REALTORS® Land Institute, you have…
May 23, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich
Optimizing Your Website As A Land Real Estate Broker

Optimizing Your Website As A Land Real Estate Broker

This piece was originally featured in the 2016 Winter Terra Firma…
May 18, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich
Conservation easements - signature

Discussing Easements With Your Clients

Note: This post was originally published in the Winter 2016 Terra…
May 11, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich

How to Take Advantage of the RLI Member Advantage Program (MAP)

May 5, 2016/by Jessa Friedrich

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