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ALCs from 2018 LANDU Week at NLC19 receiving their pins

LANDU Education Week Attendees Awarded ALC Pins At NLC19

Once a year, the REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI) offers land…
April 10, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich

Real Estate Buyer Online Research Trends To Leverage In 2019

“Know your customer:” This rule is more than just a requirement…
April 10, 2019/by Laura Barker

Five Helpful Tips for Owning and Managing Timberland

I admit, I am a little partial as a registered forester and land…
April 3, 2019/by Laura Barker

What Does the Future of Agriculture Look Like?

What will the farms of 2100 look like? Will they be completely…
April 2, 2019/by Laura Barker
land real estate

Land Brokerage Relationships You Need

Land and decisions about its ownership or stewardship of it,…
March 26, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich

How and Why To Invest in Farmland

OVERVIEW: INVEST IN FARMLAND From the beginning of time, farmers…
March 22, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich
protect property

How to Protect Your Property from Trespassers

Courtesy of National Land Realty When you invest in a property,…
March 20, 2019/by Jessa Friedrich
2018 Land Markets Survey

Top Four Takeaways from The 2018 Land Market Survey

The highly-anticipated Land Market Survey is out! Every year,…
January 25, 2019/by Laura Barker

What does RLI Have In Store For 2019?

The start of a new year is a time for fresh ideas, getting motivated,…
January 10, 2019/by Laura Barker

Dealing with Holiday Stress As A Land Agent

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone, but especially…
December 20, 2018/by Laura Barker

Tips From Land Experts on Closing Year-End Deals

With stress running high and people busier than ever, closing…
December 18, 2018/by Laura Barker

November 2018 Land Sales Summary

Based on data shared through the Lands of America Comparable…
December 10, 2018/by Laura Barker

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