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Everything You Need to Know About Getting A Land Survey

Before purchasing or selling land, you should have a professional survey the area. A land survey tells you a lot about the property. Without a land survey, you can’t make informed decisions that will help you understand what the property offers and its full value.

The Top Benefits Of A Land Survey

Crucial information that you will learn from a professional land surveyor about a property includes:

  • A property’s precise boundaries.
  • The specific locations of structures, additions, and improvements.
  • Any slopes or other geographic features that could affect the land’s use.
  • The location of easements and utilities.
  • Whether any of the land is in a floodplain.

How Land Surveyors Do Their Jobs

Surveying land means taking extremely accurate measurements over long distances. Today’s surveyors use technology to improve accuracy and save time. Surveyors often choose their tools according to the project’s needs. Popular tools include:

  • Theodolites, optical instruments used to measure angles.
  • Altimeters that measure slopes.
  • Total stations, electronic distance measurement devices that also help when leveling surfaces.
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that can use satellites to take extremely accurate measurements.
  • 3D scanners that can capture changes in elevation.

Modern land surveyors also use software developed to combine information from several devices. The software makes it possible to create detailed land survey reports that are easier for ordinary people to read.

land survey

Why You Need The Benefits Of A Land Survey

Some of the benefits of having information from land surveys are pretty obvious. For example, you need to know the precise property lines before you can determine a plot of land’s acreage and value. Some of the benefits, though, aren’t so obvious to people looking to buy or sell land.

Deciding Whether Land Fits Your Intended Use

A property’s features determine what you can do with the land. If you want to start a vineyard, then you may need sloped land that drains well.

Even the direction of the slope can matter. People who want to start orchards, for instance, need to pay close attention to whether sloped land faces north or south. When growing apples during autumn, you want trees to grow on a northern-facing slope if possible. During the spring, your trees will get better light on a southern-facing slope.

Knowing Where You Can Build Structures on Land

Building structures like houses, barns, and sheds can improve the land’s usefulness and value significantly. You can’t, however, just start building a large structure without knowing things like the land’s slope and the location of underground pipes and utility lines. The moment you break ground, water could come gushing from the hole making a costly mess. Suddenly, you have to delay your plans and spend money repairing the broken pipe.

A land survey provides the information that you need to choose the right locations for your structures. What you learn about your land could help you save money and finish your construction project faster.

How To Find A Credible Land Surveyor

You can’t accept anything less than perfection from your land surveys. A survey that doesn’t correctly identify the location of underground electrical wires could have serious consequences when you start adding structures to your property. Inaccurate measurements could also lead to lawsuits with neighbors who want to protect their property lines and leave you short-changed on your acreage.

Don’t take any chances when hiring a local land surveyor. Instead, talk to a qualified land expert who can recommend credible land surveyors in your area.

Qualified land consultants work with qualified land surveyors frequently to ensure the land transactions the handle go smoothly. They know who you can and cannot trust to do a good job. Also, they know enough about land surveying that they can spot the difference between decent and excellent surveyors as well as work with a surveyor to make sure all of your needs are best met.

Find a land consultant in your area to help you hire a professional land surveyor who knows how to provide the detailed, accurate services you deserve for your money.

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  1. Megan Alder
    Megan Alder says:

    I found it very interesting to know that land surveyors have 3D scanners that capture changes in elevation that the human eye wouldn´t capture. My husband and I are thinking of selling our property and we want to make sure we get the most value of what it´s worth so we´ve been thinking about hiring a land surveyor. I will pass this on to my husband so that we start looking for a specialist to do the job.

  2. Victoria Addington
    Victoria Addington says:

    My aunt is planning to purchase land and have her dream home built. However, she wants to make sure about the land area she owns because she’s thinking of adding a pool in her yard. Thanks for your helpful information on land surveying. It’s good to know that she can get the specific locations of the structures as well as possible improvements. With that said, I shall then find a surveyor here in our area.

  3. Fred Gibbons
    Fred Gibbons says:

    It’s valuable that you point out that you should have a piece of land professionally surveyed before you buy it to make sure you will be able to use it the way that you want. I want to buy a property on which to build a house soon, so I’m considering hiring a professional land surveying contractor. I’m going to search for a good residential land surveying contractor in my area that I can hire.

    • says:

      Exactly! Qualified land consultants work with qualified land surveyors frequently to ensure the land transactions they handle go smoothly they know enough about land surveying that they can spot the difference between decent and excellent surveyors as well as work with a surveyor to make sure all of your needs are best met.

  4. Derek Swain
    Derek Swain says:

    I found it helpful that you mention how professional land surveyors determine what kinds of tools they will utilize depending on what a project requires. My wife and I are thinking about selling some land that I recently inherited from my last uncle last month, but we need to have the area surveyed in order to determine how much it is worth. Maybe we should find a land surveying professional that will get the job done right.

  5. Nelson Fogerty
    Nelson Fogerty says:

    It’s valuable that you point out that getting a land survey is important when you want to start an orchard. I’m thinking about buying a property for growing apple trees soon, so I should probably hire a land surveyor to make sure it will work for what I want. I’m going to look for a reputable provider of land surveying services in the area that I can hire.

  6. Surveyors Auckland
    Surveyors Auckland says:

    I loved your blog and thanks for publishing this!! Here you will come to know about everything you need to know on the land survey. I am really happy to come across this exceptionally well written content. Thanks for sharing and look for more in future!!

  7. Shaylee Packer
    Shaylee Packer says:

    As you mentioned, you want to make sure to hire a land surveyor before you plan to make and major changes to your property. My husband is wanting to build a shop in our backyard, but wants to make sure that he doesn’t cross over into the neighbors property when doing it. I will have to let him know that it would be a good idea to hire a land surveyor to tell him where the property line is.

  8. Hobart Surveying
    Hobart Surveying says:

    Hi! I have read your blog related with land survey.You have written very interested and beautiful blog.I total agree with your blog which have you explained that why we need to know about land survey.Thanks for sharing very informative blog.

  9. Kirsten Esperson
    Kirsten Esperson says:

    When I first moved into my current home, all the water from the snowmelt was pooling towards the house. The lack of proper drainage ended up being a costly relandscaping project that probably could have been avoided. We ended up taking out some of the flower beds in the middle of the yard and then sloping our new patio away from the house. We also found out that part of the hillside is on our property as well and that the lot actually doesn’t end at the natural fence line. This article is completely what I needed before buying the home.

  10. Charlotte Fleet
    Charlotte Fleet says:

    Thank you for all of your points on the benefits of a land surveyor. I like how you mentioned that surveyors can tell you all of the information about building on your property. I think that having a building surveyor while you are working on your project would be beneficial and helpful too.

  11. Bruce Stark
    Bruce Stark says:

    “Hey, Great article! It’s really great that you explained the importance and benefits of land surveying. the facts have been discussed is really important. keep doing that!
    I would imagine that this would help you make plans as to where and how to build. I would be sure to hire a land surveyor before starting a construction project. For proper work to be done, it might help to hire professional land surveying company that are experienced and very good at accurate land surveys and drafting services.

  12. Jonathan Hansen
    Jonathan Hansen says:

    Thanks for pointing out that getting a land survey can help you determine the exact boundaries of your property. I want to build a fence around my yard this summer, so hiring a land surveyor sounds like a good idea. I’m going to look for a good land surveying service in the area that I can hire.


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