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The REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI), “The Voice of Land”, is the industry’s leading land real estate organization. With a global membership network of the industry’s top land real estate professionals, RLI gives landowners and investors unprecedented access to the resources and expertise they need to make most educated and informed decisions about their land.

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Planning on buying, selling, or investing in land real estate? Use the Find A Land Consultant search tool to find the most qualified land real estate agents in the country to assist with land transactions. Whether its farmland, ranch land, timberland, land for commercial or residential development, or recreational land, these transactions all require the specialized expertise of a land real estate agent with experience and expertise in the field.

Find A Land Property

Looking for a land real estate property? Search no further! The Land Connections is the official listing site of the REALTORS® Land Institute. With over 14,000 prime property listings from the best in the business land professionals, this is the place to find land properties. Properties listed on this site by an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) are guaranteed to be listed by among the most educated, experienced, and vetted agents in the country.

Advice For Landowners

Check out our ‘This Land is Your Land’ Blog! Landownership is one of the most empowering investments an individual can make. Being a landowner presents its own unique set of benefits, responsibilities, and challenges. The Your Land Blog is for you — the landowner — to help you gain insights into best practices, industry trends, lifestyle stories, and even advice from the industry’s top land professionals to help you grow your business.

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Membership Benefits

Join the best in the business! As the essential professional membership organization created for and by land real estate experts, a REALTORS® Land Institute membership provides its members with valuable membership benefits. From considering to become an elite ALC Designation or just looking for ways to be one of the best in the industry, being a member of RLI offers a wide range of benefits that make the membership pay for itself.

LANDU Education

LANDU Education

Be the land expert in your market! The REALTORS® Land Institute’s Land University (LANDU) is an unparalleled land real estate education program that offers top-notch educational courses and webinars for land professionals. Land is a unique real estate specialty that requires the kind of specialized professional education which can be found at LANDU of the REALTORS® Land Institute.

ALC Designation

Join the elite! Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs) aren’t just land sales professionals, they are the most prestigious, the most experienced, and the highest performing land sales experts in their area. Achieving the ALC designation is not an easy feat. It requires successful completion of a rigorous education program and a proven track record of transaction performance. It also requires a commitment to professional growth.

Expertise For Land Agents

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Hear the Voices of Land! There is no one more qualified to give advice to land real estate agents than other experienced land agents. With pieces published by RLI for agents and by other land experts, we have created this blog as a central location where you — the land professional — can get the latest industry news, trends, and expertise to help you reach your full potential as a land agent.

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