How NLR GIS Helps Land Professionals

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are all around us in daily life. From searching and getting directions for the nearest gas station on your Apple Maps to checking into a restaurant to share with your friends on social media, we are consistently using GIS technology. GIS is used in many industries by many different types of professionals, but in the land industry, GIS serves as a tool to better help land agents find that perfect property for a client.

Today’s land buyers know exactly what they want. They have specific requirements and goals they want to achieve with their property. Whether you have a client looking for a recreational tract over 100 acres or you have someone searching for a smaller property with a pond and a field to build a dove field on, the GIS team at National Land Realty (NLR) has the ability to match them with a tract that fits their specific needs.

NLR GIS helps land professionals in many other ways. It can help you drive business growth, enhance performance in existing markets or streamline/update operations. NLR Land Broker, Greg Greer, who recently used NLR’s GIS technology to help a land buyer achieve his goals, shared his experience.

“When I had a large client searching for a statewide conservation project, the GIS team quickly provided the sites that met the parameters like no other land brokerage had been able to do. They couldn’t believe what we were able to produce and on such short notice when the timing was crucial for their funding approval. The GIS team is a tremendous asset and tool to our agents. The support and turnaround time on projects they provide are essential when it comes to meeting our clients’ specific needs. We truly have a capability and competitive advantage no other land brokerage can provide to buyers and sellers. It’s what really distinguishes NLR from the competition.”

Our team of Geographic Information Systems and data professionals, database analysts, and web developers can generate GIS platforms using client driven criteria, statewide and national datasets, parcel data and market trends. With this technology, our team can quickly and efficiently sift through multiple data layers to see clear opportunities for your clients. We are revolutionizing the land brokerage industry and delivering amazing results to our clients every day!

National Land Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage company specializing in farm, ranch, plantation, timber and recreational land across the country. NLR currently represents land buyers and sellers in 20 states. To learn more, visit