Institute Recognizes 2013 Award Winners

Institute Recognizes 2013 Award Winners
Accredited Land Consultants (ALC) honored with Land REALTOR® of America Award
and Meeks Distinguished Service Award

November 12, 2013 (Chicago, IL) –The REALTORS® Land Institute named Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC, the 2013 Meeks Distinguished Service Award honoree, and Kirk Goble, ALC, the 2013 Land REALTOR® of America at the 2013 REALTORS® Land Institute Day on November 7 in San Francisco, CA. The awards are an honor among the prestigious Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) professional community.

The Meeks Distinguished Service Award recognizes an ALC with a long-term commitment and service to fellow Institute members, the land profession, and the community. Recipient, Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC, of Tampa, FL is leader, mentor, educator, philanthropist and strong advocate for the advancement of the land professional. As Danny Smith, ALC, stated, “The recipient’s love of ‘mentoring’ up and comers as well as seasoned professionals has reinforced the feeling that the recipient has always had–that it’s all of our responsibilities to “bring along” others and to be there to answer any question–no matter how small—and to introduce people to others they may want or need to know.”

In commitment to community, Eshenbaugh began a scholarship fund in remembrance of his parents that has allowed numerous students to attend college. Additionally, he taught as an instructor for the REALTORS® Land Institute, created the ALC Review Manual and served as a speaker and facilitator at numerous Institute events. He is continually supporting education through training programs and funding of numerous scholarships for students.

The 2013 REALTOR® of America, Kirk Goble, ALC, was chosen by past award recipients as distinguished in his efforts and work expended in the interest of Institute members, their profession, and their community. Goble, from Greeley, CO has influenced the Institute in numerous ways. Norma Nisbet, ALC, stated “He has the giving ‘spirit’ that distinguishes the Land REALTOR® of America from others—helping and assisting others with their businesses in the land organization while not asking for anything for himself, but the satisfaction of ‘helping his fellow land broker’.”