Let’s Make Deal$ Marketing Sessions

Let’s Make Deals marketing sessions are online marketing venues for members of the Institute to present their properties to other members to make deals happen. The first thirty members to register will have the opportunity to present a listing for 30 seconds. Members are encouraged to invite buyers to participate.

Next Session: October 20, 2016 | Noon CT

HAVES (Seller-Presenter) & WANTS (Buyer-Presenter): Institute Members Only
1. Register by emailing rli@realtors.org
HAVES: Send your contact information, a one paragraph description with property information, the property price and include up to 2 photos of the property to be included on your slide.
2. You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your property information and are a seller.
3. Two days before the sessions you will receive the computer and phone log-in information, and the presenter order / session roster. Please prepare to be on the virtual session for the entire 60 minutes. Schedule to be in your office, or a quiet room, and the phone not on speaker phone.

Buyers (all are welcome):
1. Please email rli@realtors.org if you would like to attend as a buyer and are not submitting a HAVE or WANT for the session.
2. Two days before the session you will receive computer and phone access information and the presenter order and roster.