Lets Make Deals Virtual

Now A Part Of Virtual NLC20

Tuesday March 31 | 10:05 – 11:30 a.m.

Let’s Make Deal$ LIVE

Let's Make Deals property marketing session

After rave reviews and popular demand from attendees, we are bringing back the Let’s Make Deal$ LIVE property marketing session as part of our Virtual NLC20! Have a tough property to sell? Have a buyer looking for a unique piece of land? This session is set up to make deals happen!

Join fellow land professionals interested in presenting and finding properties for their clients – and close more deals for your clients. As a presenter, you can let your client know their property will be showcased to other land agents from across the country with interested buyers — talk about adding value!

Presentation spots are limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis. RLI will begin accepting submissions in February for this event, so please keep an eye out in your email for notification that the submission period has begun.

Please note that due to limited time, only one property per attendee may be presented. Submissions sent in addition to those will not be included. If you are interested including a video, please submit the link in your submission form below. If you have any questions, please contact RLI Marketing Manager Jessa Friedrich at jfriedrich@realtors.org before the submission deadline of Friday, March 20.

Submit A Property

We're sorry, we are no longer accepting submissions for the Let's Make Deal$ LIVE Session. For questions about previously submitted properties, please contact us at rli@realtors.org

Let’s Make Deal$ Success Story

Hatcher, Bob“I traveled to the 2016 Land Conference with no opportunity to present during the Let’s Make Deal$ Marketing Session having missed a memo on signing up to present.

However, I attended the event anyways thinking I might see something I liked. At the time, I was working with Dean Saunders, ALC, on trying to get a listing for a $60 million tract 12 miles outside Disney World. 

As I sat in the Session, Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC, presented a similar sized $20 million property just north of Tampa and it pricked my interest; first, as comparable to the $60 million property. The more I studied it, it occurred to me I had a developer client of twenty years that might be a prospect.

To make a long story short–my client’s group put Bill’s first property under contract but failed to close. However, this action lead my clients group to put under contract and close on a $3.1 million property Bill’s group had listed south of Tampa next to my client’s development project.

We didn’t get the original big fish but we did pocket some money from our efforts on the one property, which originated at the Dallas RLI Let’s Make Deal$ Marketing Session. I’m a marketing believer!! Oh, we didn’t get the original $60 million listing–but it led me to Bill’s property and we never give up!”

Bob Hatcher, ALC