Videos & Photography

Any photos or videography taken at the conference by RLI (or agent of RLI) may be used in future marketing collateral, appearing either in printed documents, video productions, or on the RLI website. Submission of your conference registration form to RLI acknowledges acceptance of these terms and provisions of registration and agrees to hold harmless RLI and its affiliates, members, trustees, agents, officers, contractors, volunteers and employees against any and all legal claims arising out of, by reason of, or caused by the performance of these actions or other use or distribution of any footage. We appreciate your consent to use these photos for the purpose of sharing and promoting the NLC and RLI.

Attendee Contact Information

As a long-standing organizational practice, RLI may post an event attendee list, including attendee names and institutions, on the event website and/or on the event app. We post this information as a service for conference participants, offering a convenient way for the community to collaborate. RLI does not sell the contact information of event attendees. Visitors to our website are not permitted to sell, harvest, or generate mailing lists from the event attendee list, nor should they use it for promotional purposes.

Also, as a benefit of sponsoring our events, sponsors may receive an event attendee list including attendee names, titles, institutions, postal addresses, phone and fax numbers, as applicable. We closely coordinate with sponsors so that attendees receive information of value about the sponsor, and not just sales materials.