APEX Awards Program

The 2018 RLI APEX Awards Program

Tuesday, March 13 | 7:30-10:00 pm | Sponsored by The Land Report

RLI announces its first-ever APEX Awards Program sponsored by The Land Report. This program is designed to recognize the excellence and performance of our RLI Members — the best in the business — with these prestigious land real estate awards.  RLI is proud to recognize the Top Producers in their categories and specialties. Winners will be recognized at a special awards ceremony on Tuesday, March 13, at the 2018 National Land Conference in Nashville, TN.

  • 2017 RLI APEX Producers Club
    All applicants who submit the $4 million minimum of qualifying dollar volume in closed land deals will be recognized for their achievement by being included in the ‘RLI APEX Producers Club’.
  • 2017 RLI APEX Top 20
    The top twenty overall producers will be recognized as the ‘RLI APEX Top 20’ producers.
  • 2017 Brokers of the Year
    A top ‘2017 Broker of the Year’ will be recognized in each of the following categories:

    • Ag land Sales – Crops
    • Ag land Sales – Ranches
    • Recreational Land Sales
    • Timber Land Sales
    • Commercial Land Sales
    • Residential Land Sales
    • Auction Sales
  • 2017 APEX Top Producer Award
    The ‘APEX Top Producer Award’ recognizes the applicant with the highest dollar volume in closed land transactions for the year.
  • The 2017 Wrangler Award
    The ‘Wrangler Award’ recognizes the applicant with the most number of individual closed transactions for the year.

Interested in applying? If you are interested in applying for the 2018 APEX Award Program, please download the rules and regulations for more detail on the criteria for each award as well as the 2018 APEX Awards Program Application.

All applicants must:

  • pay the $100 entry fee which includes a ticket to the awards ceremony at NLC18;
  • be current members of RLI, with dues paid for the year in which the awards will be conferred; and
  • meet the minimum $4 million basis of qualifying volume to apply to receive any of the awards in the program.

Applicants may submit completed applications to Aubrie Kobernus, CEO, via email at akobernus@realtors.org by the submission deadline on Friday, January 26, 2018 for consideration. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

RLI APEX Awards: Recognizing the Best in Business

APEX Awards

The RLI APEX Awards Sponsored by

The Land Report and the REALTORS® Land Institute have partnered together to bring maximum exposure to the 2018 APEX Awards Winners to ensure they get the national industry recognition as a top-producing agent that they deserve for receiving one of these esteemed land real estate awards. APEX Award Winners are the cream of the crop when it comes to conducting land transactions and RLI’s partnership with The Land Report  will take showcasing their prestige to the next level.

APEX Award Winners will be featured:

  • as part of a two-page spread in The Land Report 2018 Spring Magazine;
  • in a PRNewswire national press release with Times Square photo, shot of the magazine cover, and RLI APEX Awards Winners in a picture caption;
  • on a full-page spread in The Land Report April Newsletter reaching 70,000 subscribers; and
  • in exclusive social media posts on The Land Report social channels, each post reaching up to 50,000+ followers

The Land Report will also provide each APEX Award Winner with:

  • 50 copies of The Land Report’s 2018 Spring Magazine; the edition featuring the 2018 APEX Awards Winners, and
  • discounts on display ad space in all of The Land Report Magazine’s 2018 editions!

Award winners can take advantage of all these promotions to showcase their prestige and expertise to clients, colleagues, and the industry as whole!