Top Five Land Podcasts

Between filling out endless paperwork, driving between properties, and finishing continuing education hours, how is the average land agent supposed to keep up with the latest in the land industry? There are a lot of great ways to stay in-the-know, such as following land experts on social media to reading top land blogs like ours. However, the most convenient way to learn about land is increasingly becoming podcasts. You can listen to them anywhere, and most of them are free! To help you sort through the hundreds of land podcasts, we’ve picked our top five favorite podcasts for land agents.

1. The Voices Of Land RLI Podcast

Best For: All Land Professionals

Okay, so maybe we are a little biased but as The Voice of Land, how could we not be the best podcast for land professionals to listen to. From key insights from the industry’s top experts to knowledge shared by our top-notch LANDU Education Program instructors, The Voices of Land RLI Podcast is a must listen!


  • Insights from true land experts on industry trends and land market information.
  • Key knowledge from our LANDU courses.
  • Discover the latest industry trends, technologies, and resources.

Listen now!

2. Let’s Talk Land with Lou Jewel, ALC

Best For: All Land Professionals

The question isn’t what topics are covered in Let’s Talk Land — it’s what topics aren’t covered? Lou Jewell, ALC features a new guest every week to talk about everything from land values to evaluating soil to land laws. As a LANDU instructor and the author of An Insider’s Guide to Land Investment, Jewell brings decades of experience to the table. Each guest brings a unique insight to the podcast, making each episode distinct.


  • Investing in Land with Tom Martinez, Investor
  • What’s My Land Worth? With Ron Loftis, Realtor® and MAI Appraiser
  • Curtis Seltzer Author Books on Land

Listen to Let’s Talk Land here.

3. Successful Farming podcast

Best For: Anyone Who Buys Or Owns Farmland

This podcast focuses on the day-to-day logistics of buying and owning farmland. Host Jodi Henke takes an in-depth look at topics such as seed treatments, soil health, and harvest safety. In between informative discussions, Henke chats with guests about topical issues such as women in farming. The Successful Farming Podcast is the perfect balance between educational and fun.


  • Anatomy of a Seed Treatment
  • Fall Soil Health Practices
  • Disease and Insect Challenges

Listen to the Successful Farming Podcast here.

4. AgriTalk

Best For: Agents Interested In Land Laws + Farmland Market Information

When it comes to farmland market information, AgriTalk is the place to go. They talk about exports, trade, wheat prices, and more. The hosts break down complicated topics such as the ongoing tariff war and make them easy to understand. Not only is the podcast educational, the hosts are also a ton of fun to listen to. They make you feel like you are hanging out with your friends and chatting about land.

Listen to AgriTalk here.

5. The Land Show

Best For: Land Agents in the Southeast

While this show focuses primarily on issues facing landowners and buyers in the Southeast, this podcast tackles topics that everyone in the land business should be aware of. Co-hosted by RLI Member Jonathan Goode, ALC, this podcast gives listeners an inside scoop about forestry, wildlife, leasing, land values, and more.

Listen to The Land Show here.

Podcasts are a great way to learn more about land on the go. These five are just a few examples of what podcasts have to offer land agents. There are hundreds of amazing land podcasts out there — so get ready to crank up the volume and make your next long drive even more productive!

Looking for more land education? Check out the RLI’s for a wide range of designed to help land real estate professionals increase their expertise and grow their business.

About the Author: Laura Barker is a freelance writer based out of California for the REALTORS® Land Institute. She has been with RLI since October 2017.

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