Real estate professionals to convene in Chicago to enhance land skills

Real estate professionals to convene in Chicago to enhance land skills
REALTORS® Land Institute LANDU Education Week held June 22-30 in Chicago

May 6, 2014 (Chicago, IL) –On June 22-30, real estate professionals from across the country will meet in Chicago, Ill. for the Institute’s 2014 LANDU Education Week. The Institute will offer six in-person LANDU approved courses, all counting towards the requirements of the prestigious Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation.

Many aspire to attain the ALC designation, an indication of the most accomplished, experienced, educated, and highest performing land professional across the country. According to a 2013 REALTORS® Land Institute membership survey, ALCs earn about $373,925 per year, approximately $100,000 more than members without the designation.

Students have the opportunity to complete one to six face-to-face courses throughout the extended week–Land Investment Analysis (24 contact hours), Site Selection (16 contact hours), Land 101: The Fundamentals of Land Brokerage (16 contact hours), Agricultural Land Brokerage and Marketing (16 contact hours), Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges (16 contact hours), and Marketing Strategies (16 contact hours). Combined, these six courses total 104 contact hours, the total hours needed for completing the educational requirements of the ALC designation.

Boyd L. Harris of Farmers National Company attended LANDU Education Week in 2013 and stated, “The week was well worth the time and investment. The courses I took tied some 20 plus years of other schooling back together from the perspective of application rather than just mechanics. New in the business or experienced, there were many points to take home and have a new, invigorated look at business practice. And the new networking contacts are always beneficial.”

This June, multiple members of the Institute’s Military Transition Program (MTP) will be in attendance to hone their land skills and network with industry peers. In late 2013, the Institute announced its commitment to support veteran’s employment opportunities with the MTP, to help active duty military and veterans, who’ve served since 2000, build a career in the land real estate business. A program benefit is two complimentary LANDU courses (LAND 101: The Fundamentals of Land Brokerage and one elective course).

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