2020 RLI Elections

The REALTORS® Land Institute is proud to announce the below candidate slate for the upcoming election to serve office starting in November 2019. In this election, one Vice President (serving one one-year term to ascend to President-Elect) and one At-Large Director (serving one two-year term) will be selected to serve at a national level on the RLI Board of Directors.

Voting will be held electronically from September 3-16, 2019. All RLI eligible voting members (those who are a REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, or Institute Affiliate member of NAR) will receive an emailed notification on September 3, 2019 that voting is open.

2020 Candidate Slate | Vice President

Dean Saunders, ALC

Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Real Estate – Lakeland, FL

Nominated by: Ray Brownfield, ALC

About Me

For more details about my experience, please review my complete resume at sreland.com/deansaunders. However, a few highlights are:

  • In 2018, I was awarded the APEX Top National Producer Award as the highest-producing agent in the country for land sales based on qualifying production volume.
  • I earned the #1 Sales Professional annual recognition in the CBC affiliate network five times, most recently in 2018.
  • I led the company to CBC’s highest honor, the Commercial Elite annual award for outstanding company sales performance and customer service 14 times
  • I was recognized as the Florida REALTOR® of the Year by the REALTOR® Land Institute (RLI).
  • In 2003, I was selected by the National Association of Realtor®, along with Alan Greenspan, then four-term chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, as one of the exclusive nine “Notables.” As a Notable, I was considered by his peers to be among the influential in real estate nationally.
  • I worked on one of the most significant land transactions in Florida’s history brokering 80,000 acres in the Florida Panhandle for $565,000,000.
  • Saunders Real Estate has been listed annually as one of the Nation’s Best Brokerages by The Land Report from 2010 to 2018.

Service to RLI

  • 2012 RLI Board of Directors
  • 2012 Government Affairs Committee Chair
  • 2011 Government Affairs Committee Vice Chair
  • ALC Accreditation Committee
  • RLI Florida Chapter Past President
  • RLI member since 1998 and earned ALC in 2001

My Vision For RLI

As Vice President, I would first seek to refine RLI’s core strengths, offering exceptional education and providing networking opportunities while always guided by a focus on client service and ethical treatment of one another. More specifically, the following areas are significant to RLI’s future.

I believe the most substantial value RLI offers to its members is education, and we need to continue to raise the bar by evolving not only course content but the channels through which we deliver it. Our education and ALC designation enhance the professionalism of land broker members across the country. While we do an excellent job, we should always strive to be on the cutting edge of real estate education.

I want to increase our offering of regional meetings to supplement the national conference and create more opportunities for members to network. A paradigm we see now is that people are less personally engaged in society, and subsequently, in business. I recently heard a new colleague I respect say that “People do business with people they like.” and I think he summed up a truth that I have relied on throughout my career. The real estate industry is relational. Success in land brokerage, even with increasing institutional investors, is still highly dependent on interpersonal skills. It is difficult to know if you like someone you have never met, and I believe our members will benefit from more in-person networking events.

Recruiting Young and Diverse Members
We would be wise to be intentional about how we encourage and support young people seeking to broker land. As our nation’s demographics change, so do those of our clients; therefore, our inclusiveness of millennials, women, and minorities is vital to our future integrity.

Intellectual Property
It’s imperative that our members are equipped to control their destinies in terms of information and marketing materials. As an industry, we found ourselves held hostage by listings sites and third-party entities who do not have the best interest of brokers or their clients at heart. I have been instrumental in developing landbrokermls.com, and want to ensure that RLI members are well-informed on the value of their intellectual property and how to protect it.

Industry Disruption
In any industry, there are always new ventures seeking to disrupt the models, paradigms, and structures underlying the market. Disruption is positive only for those who are prepared to benefit from it and grow. While we don’t know where the industry is heading, we do see attempts at disintermediation beginning in the residential real estate sector. Our best defense against similar efforts in the land industry will be RLI’s continued commitment to educate client-focused members and promote the ALC Designation. In an age of automation, genuinely creative expertise increases in value. Helping our members develop the soft skills of interpersonal relationships and focused expertise through the ALC Designation will position them to succeed and thrive amid disruption.