RLI Strategic Plan Overview

RLI Strategic Plan 2017-2020 | Overview

This page contains information as of 10.15.2018


The REALTORS® Land Institute, “The Voice of Land,” provides the expertise, camaraderie, and resources that are the foundation for all land real estate professionals to become the best in the business.


The REALTORS® Land Institute continually strives to maintain its status as the acknowledged leader for all matters pertaining to the land real estate profession. RLI endeavors to remain the essential membership organization for the extraordinary real estate professionals who broker, lease, sell, develop, and manage our most precious resource: the land.

RLI Strategic Plan Infographic

Strategic Priorities

  1. Membership: Grow Membership, Membership Involvement, and Value to Membership

    • Increase National Land Conference value
      • Increased attendance by 44% – record attendance at NLC18!
      • Brought in better speakers – Key note speakers added
      • Grew size of the expo hall – 60% Increase in Partners
    • Investigate Awards program based on production
      • Created APEX Awards Program sponsored by The Land Report in 2018
        • Increased exposure of RLI and its top-producing members in the industry
        • Saw over $1B in land sold from 50 applicants
    • Invest in marketing for increased membership growth and member involvement
      • 40% increase in new members
      • 23% increase in total membership
      • Invested in new email marketing platform
      • Invested in paid digital advertising
      • Increased traffic to the Find A Land Consultant Search tool by 814% to over 10,000 users per year
      • 32% increase in participation in annual Land Markets Survey
  2. Education: Improve Education Program and Offerings

    • Evaluate and assess all current LANDU courses and curriculum
      • Hired instructional designer to assist staff in completing review and update of LANDU Education Program.
      • Sold out 2018 LANDU Education Week — record attendance!
    • Investigate LMS and different delivery options for no-travel courses that can better optimize the quality of learning
      • Implemented LMS and created Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) courses that have more interaction and involvement
    • Implement Instructor policies and professional development
      • Created new instructor policies. Instructors will now have 1.5 days of professional development starting in 2019 at the annual National Land Conference.
    • Investigate additional educational opportunities beyond current LANDU offerings. For example, the CCIM Ward Center – shorter courses (2-4 hours) that can be taken online or that chapter can host locally for CE credit.
      • Planned for 2019-2020.  Planning to get CE credit for these in every state we have a chapter.
  3. Brand: Increase Brand Awareness, Management, and Equity

    • Create new logo, Visual Standards Guidelines, develop new talking points and key messaging
      • New Logo Released in 2017 with updated VSGs and messaging
    • Focus on branding ourselves as “The Voice of Land” – the “go to” place for anything related to land real estate
      • Currently placing ads in all major industry magazines and digital ads on websites.
    • Broaden our messaging to include land real estate professionals and also land investors/owners.
      • Currently providing relevant, timely content for each segment as part of Content Generation marketing strategy
      • 140% increase in organic new users on our website
  4. Chapter Development: Provide resources to ensure our chapters can be successful

    • Establish a Chapter Leadership Council (CLC)
      • Instituted in 2018
    • Create Chapter Leader Resources and an Orientation
      • New Chapter Model Bylaws created
      • New Chapter Leader Resource Center available on rliland.com
      • New Chapter Leader Orientation coming in 2019
    • Provide website templates for Chapters and integration into the RLI National Database
      • All RLI Chapters now have access to RLI National Database (as of 2017)
      • Nine RLI Chapters now have brand new websites using template provided by National and more are switching over.