How to Improve Your Social Media Presence as a Land Agent

In the age where Americans spend an average of 10 hours a day on the internet, a strong social media presence can help a land agent’s business grow tremendously. With social media, agents can better market themselves and reach their target audience more effectively.

So, if you’re a land professional who is lacking a little engagement on your platforms or you’re just ready to take it to the next level, here are three ways you can improve your social media presence to stand out among the competition.

  1. Be yourself.

Always post about things you care about – anything that feels “you.” If you’ve been out fishing and make a great catch, share a picture and tell the story. Post funny pictures of your dog or your kids, things that make you happy and you feel comfortable sharing. It will show your personality and your audience will appreciate your genuineness. You can also share your listings links, but it should never be your entire feed. If people follow you on a social platform it’s because they want to see more of who you are, not just that you are a land agent. So, try to mix it up a bit.

  1. Choose quality over quantity.

One well thought out, meaningful post a week is much better than junk content just to post once a day. How many times you post on each particular platform depends on which one you’re using. For Facebook, you’ll want to post around once a day. No more than once a day on Instagram, and up to 10 tweets a day on Twitter. Each platform is different, and you don’t want to be cannibalizing earlier posts. Remember, quality over quantity.

  1. Be strategic.

Each platform also has a different audience. Therefore, you should post where your audience is most active. If you are trying to reach a large age range of buyers, Facebook is your best bet. A younger buyer may be reached best on Instagram or Twitter. And if you’re selling land that includes a home with amazing architecture, Pinterest could be a great spot to share those pictures.

Having a scheduling tool can also make posting on social media a lot easier. Free tools like Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to write your posts ahead of time and share them when it is best for your audience. Try setting aside one hour to plan a few posts across platforms for the upcoming month. This way you can make sure you don’t forget a post and you’ll have consistent content throughout all of your platforms.


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