Statistics show Accredited Land Consultants earn $100,000 more

Statistics show Accredited Land Consultants earn $100,000 more
REALTORS® Land Institute 2013 survey uncovers remarkable results

June 6, 2014 (Chicago, IL) –The results of a REALTORS® Land Institute survey indicate that the average Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) earned $373,925 in 2013, which is approximately $100,000 more a year than the average non-designee respondents. The largest ALC transaction in 2013 was $80 million and the largest ALC transaction reported to date in 2014 is $562 million.

The results are a clear indication of the value and benefits of working with an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) when participating in land transactions. These credentialed professionals have completed a rigorous education program and have a proven track record of transaction performance. By leveraging an in-depth understanding of the land market, they are the most qualified to create solutions, add value, and build wealth for clients.

ALCs are current on legislative and regulatory issues that impact land, understand a range of financing, tax, and estate planning strategies; provide thoughtful, educated analysis of land values; and are committed to ethics, integrity, and professionalism. Among the marketplace, ALCs are the most respected and trusted land experts.

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