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The landscape is always shifting. Regulations change. Opportunities grow and fade. Challenges emerge. We're here to help you navigate the terrain of the land industry.


Ongoing education opportunities for industry expertise that puts your clients at ease.


Relevant trends, information and events to grow your expertise and set yourself apart.


Local and nationwide collaboration with peers who share your committment and challenges.

RLI National

RLI is your destination for land expertise. We're here to help you stay competitive, connected and confident through specialized education including national virtual courses, the latest industry information and nationwide collaboration with your peers.

RLI Upper Midwest Chapter

Welcome to your local connection to what's happening in the land industry. Come to us for in-person education, events and to build local relationships that expand your business. Our member community of real estate professionals across the upper Midwest is dedicated to being the best in the business.


Ongoing education for industry expertise that puts your clients at ease.


Relevant resources to grow your expertise, your confidence, and set yourself apart.


Collaboration with peers who share your commitment and challenges.

Our People

RLI members know the value of being part of The Voice of Land.

  • “As a broker focused 100% on land transactions, I was in search of an industry group made up of like minded professionals. I found that in RLI. I was optimistic that it would present the opportunity to grow both my network and my skillset and RLI has continually delivered in both categories. My only disappointment is that I didn't join years ago!”

    Matt Davis, ALC

    Cushman & Wakefield

    San Diego, CA

    "If you want to further your land career, gain more education, and network with other land professionals, you need to join RLI! What you don't know, you don't know. After joining RLI, I realized quickly how much I could grow professionally from realizing better ways to showcase a property, to identifying aspects of a transaction that I need to be more aware of when representing clients. This is a fabulous organization that comes together to ensure everyone succeeds."

    Jennifer Janet, ALC

    Coldwell Banker Professional Associates

    Perryville, MO

    "I joined RLI because I was deeply interested in learning more about practicing land real estate at a high level and it was clear from the start that RLI was an authoritative voice in the field. Moreover, the network of real life, experienced land agents willing to help me was staggering. The knowledge, sincerity, camaraderie, and fun I get out of being an RLI member is invaluable. I say often that it is the best professional organization I have associated myself with, regardless of local, state, or national scale."

    Stephen J B Davis

    Keller Williams Bluegrass Realty

    Lexington, KY