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The REALTORS® Land Institute’s Land University (LANDU®) is an unparalleled land real estate education program that offers top-notch educational courses and webinars for land professionals. Land is a unique real estate specialty that requires the kind of specialized professional education which can be found at RLI’s LANDU®. Come to LANDU® for answers to industry questions such as: 

  • How does a ranch sale differ from a crop land sale? 

  • In what ways do soil types affect land use? 

  • Where are the best resources for land information? 

  • How do land specialists use aerial photography and mapping and location systems? 

  • How does the USDA work with landowners? 

  • What are the impacts of water rights and related government regulations? 

Real estate professionals become land experts and Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs) through the Institute’s LANDU® education. LANDU® offers face-to-face courses, virtual courses, and more that are relevant to the unique business of land.