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About Chapter Membership

The RLI Colorado Chapter's fiscal year runs from December 1st to November 30th.  The Chapter dues are $75.00/year and are pro-rated quarterly as members join. 

December, January & February - $75.00          March, April & May - $56.00          June, July & August - $38.00          September, October & November - $19.00

Dues for the Chapter can be paid when you join the national REALTORS Land Insitute or pay your dues by logging into the Colorado Chapter site

Member Benefits:  

  • Opportunity to attend three Marketing Meetings per year and present property listings during the marketing sessions. 
  • Reduced price for members to attend Marketing Meetings.
  • Educational opportunities held on the Friday after the Thursday Marketing Meetings.  Classes are geared toward topics that are of specific interest to members.