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The members of a Chapter Board of Directors serve as the core leaders of the organization.

As leaders, the Board

  • Determines desired goals and outcomes for the Chapter
  • Determines the best strategies to achieve outcomes
  • Decides on the time for implementing strategies to achieve outcomes
  • Determines the effective allocation of available resources to reach desired goals
  • Provides vision through effective communications
  • Prioritizes programs and allocates resources to accomplish them
  • Is accountable for its outcomes

The board also has a fiduciary responsibility to manage operations for the well-being of the organization which includes:

  • Financial decision making
  • Due diligence in decision-making
  • Safeguard the Chapter’s tangible and intangible assets including its image, reputation, and service-value to members

Chapter Leadership Positions

(Each officer position is a two year term)


  • Preside at Chapter meetings and serves as head of the Chapter’s Executive Committee
  • Decide on officer duties, delegates and follow up on status of assigned tasks
  • Develop chapter committees, identifies responsibilities, appoints committee chair persons, and serves as ex-officio on committees (Nominating, Membership Development, Professional development/Education, Budget and Public Relations/Promotion, according to Chapter’s Bylaws or Board)
  • Attend Chapter Board of Directors meetings, state conventions and state Board of Directors meetings (if applicable)
  • Plan yearly event and meeting calendar
  • Follow up with Chapter members who have chosen not to renew membership
  • Promote professional development to members
  • Sign and return the Course Provider Agreement to the national RLI (if applicable)
  • Respond to chapter requests from the national RLI, attend national events; informs Chapter members of what was covered at meetings and takes appropriate action as needed
  • Participate in Chapter leadership training opportunities
  • Complete appropriate state and tax forms for the chapter
  • Accountable for operation of Chapter


  • Assume responsibilities of the President in the event he/she is unable to participate or complete term of office
  • Attend committee meetings of the Chapter
  • Assist the President as delegated
  • Prepare to take over as president when appropriate
  • May serve (or serves) as Committee Chair or similar assignment to ensure strong leadership transitioning


  • Become expert in the Chapter bylaws
  • Take and keep minutes of Chapter and Board meetings


  • Balance and keep Chapter checkbook and financial records
  • Keep copies of banking statements/documents related to the account
  • Prepare and send annual dues notices when applicable and contact members delinquent on dues payments (if applicable)
  • Change bank signature cards when appropriate
  • Keep copies of meeting contracts and/or work orders


  • Accountable for daily operations of Chapter, assist all leadership with administrative duties within their position
  • Notify the REALTORS Land Institute Education Division of courses being offered and follow the national Institute’s course provider policies and procedures.
  • Notify national of upcoming Chapter events and/or member news.
  • Administer Chapter elections and advise the national RLI of results.  Elections should be completed by September 15 of each year so the leadership transition can take place in tandem with the transition of the REALTORS® Land Institute leadership team