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Meet Your 2023 RLI Executive Committee

We are a team of dedicated land real estate professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow and steer RLI towards a successful future. We encourage all RLI members to reach out to us with ideas and questions about the organization from a member’s perspective. RLI has changed the way we do business for the better and we are ready to help it do the same for your business.

Luke Worrell, ALC

2023 RLI President

Luke has been a member of RLI since 2009 and earned the prestigious ALC Designation in 2012. He has an extensive record of service to the organization, having served as Chair of both the Education and Budget and Finance committees, as Treasurer, and on the Board of Directors. Luke also has served as President of the RLI Illinois Chapter. Luke brings a wealth of industry and community leadership experience. Among his many accomplishments, he has twice served as President of the Jacksonville Area Association of REALTORS®; was 2021 Chair of the Illinois Farmland Values and Lease Trends Conference; and served a six-year term on the Morgan County Fair Board. Luke received RLI’s 2018 Rising Star Award, and the 2017 RLI ALC-to-ALC Networking Award for the largest ALC-to-ALC land transaction nationwide based on sales volume. He was a member of the APEX Producers Club in years 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Luke is the owner and managing broker of Worrell Land Services, Inc. in Jacksonville, IL.

Sam Bowers, ALC

2023 RLI President-Elect

As President-Elect, Sam Bowers, ALC, of Bowers and Burns Real Estate in Georgia, will serve three more years on RLI's Executive Committee and become the Institute’s National President in 2024. Sam brings a wealth of industry and community leadership experience to his new position with RLI. Among numerous accolades in both residential and land real estate, Sam was named 2003 Georgia Land REALTOR® of the Year by the Georgia Chapter of RLI. He served as President of the chapter in 2017 and as its Treasurer in 2021. He was a member of the APEX Producers Club in 2021. At the national level, Sam has served on RLI’s Budget and Finance and Governmental Affairs committees, and on the National Land Conference Task Force.

Dan Murphy, ALC

2023 RLI Vice President

As Vice President, Dan Murphy, ALC, will serve a four-year term on RLI’s Executive Committee, making him the Institute’s 2025 National President. Dan joined RLI as a member in 2008 and earned the elite ALC designation in 2019. His record of service to RLI includes most recently Chair of the Education Committee, as well as serving on the Board of Directors. Dan is currently 2022 President of the RLI Colorado Chapter. In 2020, his Chapter awarded him the prestigious Colorado Land REALTOR® of the Year Award. Dan’s national RLI accolades include recipient of the APEX Top National Producer Award in 2017, Top Twenty National Producer Award in 2021, 2020 and 2017. He was a member of the APEX Top Producers Club in 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 and received the 2017 National Broker of the Year Award in Recreational Land Sales. Dan is Broker/Co-owner of M4 Ranch Group.

Dean Saunders, ALC

2023 RLI Immediate Past President

Dean Saunders, ALC, CCIM, has been a member of RLI since 1998 and he earned the elite ALC Designation shortly after in 2001. He has an extensive record of service to RLI, serving as Chair of RLI’s Governmental Affairs Committee, as a member of the ALC Designation Committee, and on the Board of Directors. He has also served as the President of the RLI Florida Chapter and continues to be an active chapter member. Additionally, as part of the RLI APEX Awards Program, he was an APEX Top Twenty Producer in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and was the Top National Producer in 2018, 2020 and 2021. He has also been recognized as the Florida REALTOR® of the Year by the RLI Florida Chapter and earned the #1 Sales Professional annual recognition in the Coldwell Banker Commercial affiliate network five times, most recently in 2018. 

Meet Your 2023 RLI Board of Directors

The REALTORS® Land Institute Board of Directors helps guide the direction of the Institute by working closely with RLI Leadership and Staff to determine and
see-through core initiatives.

Matt Davis, ALC

Government Affairs Cmte. Chair

Thomas Krajewski, ALC


Stephen Davis

Education Cmte. Chair

Trent Lister, ALC

Future Leaders Committee Chair

Mike Garrett, ALC

Mike Garrett, ALC

At-Large Director (2022-2023)

Norma Nisbet, ALC

ALC Designation Committee Chair

Joel King, ALC

At-Large Director (2023-2024)

Billy Rollins, ALC

At-Large Director (2023-2024)

Bob Turner, ALC

NAR Executive Committee Representative

Russell Riggs

Russell Riggs

NAR Advocacy Liaison; Ex-Officio

Aubrie Kobernus, MBA, RCE

CEO, Ex-Officio

REALTORS® Land Institute Past Presidents

The REALTORS® Land Institute’s rich history reveals a long line of dedicated members that have stepped up over the years to lead our great organization. Each of them has left a mark and helped to guide RLI into the future, making it an increasingly valuable organization for its members. We are forever grateful to all who have volunteered to make RLI stronger, especially those who have taken the helm as a National President.

2022 Dean Saunders, ALC 1995 Mark Cumbest, ALC 1970 Wayne D. Phillips, ALC*
2021 Renee Harvey, ALC 1994 Stephen R. England, ALC 1969 George A. Simon, ALC*
2020 Kyle Hansen, ALC 1993 Robert E. Rhodes, ALC 1968 Quentin WIlliams, ALC*
2018-19 Jeramy Stephens, ALC 1992 David Hemenway, ALC 1967 John L. Currell, ALC*
2018 Jimmy Settle, ALC* 1991 Robert C. Meeks, ALC* 1966 Bert C. Hanson, ALC*
2017 Brandon Rogillio, ALC 1990 Lawrence B. Caldwell, ALC* 1965 L.M. Bushart, ALC*
2016 Bob Turner, ALC 1989 G. Edmond Massie, ALC 1964 Jack Justice, ALC*
2015 Terri Jensen, ALC 1988 Jerry Brewer, ALC 1963 Stephen Dorcich, ALC*
2014 George Clift, ALC* 1987 Otto Sprenger, ALC 1962 Don L. Temple, ALC*
2013 Charles “Chuck” Wingert, ALC 1986 J. Alvin Hawbaker, ALC 1961 Leonard P. Kayne, ALC*
2012 Ray Brownfield, ALC 1985 John E. Cyr, ALC 1960 Wayne Adams, ALC*
2011 Jesse Lane, ALC 1984 Richard G. Palmer, ALC 1959 R.E. Seden, ALC*
2010 Dan Hatfield, ALC 1983 Richard E. Beaty, ALC 1958 R.A. Capshaw, ALC*
2009 Keith Morris, ALC 1982 A. Tom Lund Sr., ALC* 1957 J. Vernon Groff, ALC*
2008 Michael Landreth, ALC 1981 Judge B. Fite, ALC* 1956 Elton L. Boudreau, ALC*
2007 John McAllister, ALC 1980 Carl F. Hertz, ALC* 1955 Frank W. Baumann, ALC*
2006 Randy Hertz, ALC 1979 Ron Bentz, ALC 1954 Charles J. Happ, ALC*
2005 Sam Kain, ALC 1978 Bake Young, ALC* 1953 Owen W. Sherril, ALC*
2004 Norma Nisbet, ALC 1977 Cy Kuefler, ALC* 1952 Don W. Reed, ALC*
2003 John Dean, ALC 1976 Robert W. VanArsdale, ALC* 1951 L. Louis Gairaud*
2002 Mac Boyd, ALC* 1975 Owen V. Hall, ALC* 1950 Ralph A. Hunt*
2001 Robert Hatcher, ALC 1974 Thad S. Cwik, ALC* 1949 Otto Knudson*
2000 D.L. “Gooley” Orr, ALC 1973 Harry A. Finkelman, ALC* 1948 Frank L. Huffman*
1999 JR Larsen, ALC 1973 Dwight W. Jundt, ALC 1947 C.A. Bresnahan*
1998 Roger Heller, AFLB* 1972 Burr Brown, ALC* 1945-1946 George L. Domm, ALC*
1997 Barbara Douglas, ALC 1971 Lester R. Arie, ALC* *denotes deceased
1996 Pierre Vining, ALC*