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Learn the Land at an Upcoming Webinar

Gain confidence when you're up to date on trending land topics. Experts in the field will help you build ongoing expertise on current issues and provide tools to use in your daily business. Our one-hour webinar format is a fast way to get informed on issues impacting landowners, brokers and agents, and the industry.

Blockchain Beyond the Hype: Navigating the Future of Property Ownership and Financing

April 25 at 1:00 pm CT | Presented by Dave Conroy, Dave Conroy, NARs Director of Emerging Technology
Free to RLI Members

Delve into the exciting world of blockchain and discover how this technology is revolutionizing the way we think about property ownership, financing. Our expert speaker, Dave Conroy, NARs Director of Emerging Technology, will shed light on the latest developments in the blockchain space, including the rise and fall of cryptocurrency, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and decentralized finance. With blockchain making waves in the financial and real estate industries, it's a perfect time to explore the potential of this transformative technology and its impact on our future. Get ready to broaden your understanding and gain valuable insights into the future of blockchain and the opportunities it presents. Don't miss out on this informative and thought-provoking presentation!

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RLI members can watch recordings of previous webinars at no charge as a member benefit. Click here to go to your Member Dashboard. Then, enter the Education Portal from the left hand menu and access the Webinar Archive from Education Portal home page.

Excel Basics for Land Investment Analysis Course

Originally recorded on Thursday, March 23 - Access is free to members
Recordings will post 3-4 days after original presentation.

Presented by Phil McGinnis, ALC

A 90-minute webinar will take you through basic concepts in preparing for the Land Investment Analysis Course, as well as many investment decisions. Whether you attend the course virtually or in person, this program is essential to understanding the concepts and theories presented in the course, as well as Excel basics.

From opening an Excel Workbook, formatting cells, and creating worksheets and workbooks, to cash flow analysis, discounting, compounding, and yield analysis, this webinar will set you up for success.

Best Renewable Energy Practices for Land REALTORS®

Recorded Wednesday, February 22 - Access is free to members
Recordings will post 3-4 days after original presentation

Income generation from land is expanding with the option to lease for renewable energy or carbon credits. The demand for renewable energy and the land to source it from are increasing with no signs of slowing down. Land REALTORS® and land real estate brokerages can monetize this movement by helping consumers realize income opportunities from energy and carbon leasing.

Your Personal Brand: Tactical Ways to Grow Your Business Through You

Recorded Wednesday, January 18 - Access is free to members
Recordings will post 3-4 days after original presentation

Presented by Amber Hurdle
People do business with people they know, like and trust. Especially in the land business, where handshakes close deals and referrals and collaborations are critical for success.
During this webinar, you will learn how to:

Create a social media and content strategy to establish yourself as a subject-matter expert and generate inbound leads.
Leverage the seven ways you can influence the decision-making of your prospects, customers, community, government entities, and peers.
Maximize awards, recognition and distinctions like the ALC or the APEX Award to differentiate yourself from competition.
Position yourself to take advantage of less traditional opportunities, even in a down market.

Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Update

Recorded Wednesday, December 14 - Access is free to members
Recordings will post 3-4 days after original presentation

Russell Riggs, RLI’s Advocacy Liaison, will do a deep dive into the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) proposed rule.

Russell discusses the history of WOTUS and the impacts this rule could have on land professionals and property rights nationwide and what NAR and RLI are doing to address its implementation.

1031 & Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Current Market Update

Recorded November 16, 2022 - Access is Free to Members
Recordings will post 3-4 days after original presentation

Join Joe Michaletz and Mike O’Toole from Discipline Advisors as they discuss the current 1031 and Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) marketplace. In times of record inflation, increasing interest rates and economic instability learn current 1031 strategy and how DSTs are performing. This educational update will provide in-depth strategies to help RLI members solve current market problems and get more listings.

Keys to Carbon for Land Brokers and Agents

Recorded October 12, 2022 - Access is Free to Members
Recordings will post 3-4 days after original presentation

This one-hour webinar, designed for land professionals, takes you through the basics of carbon sequestration, the industry, and the companies built to serve the industry.

It will even introduce you to an easy, free, tool designed by the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for site-specific assessments of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration.