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RLI Leadership Awards

RLI Leadership Awards Program

The REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI) is proud to award its members and LANDU® Instructors for their outstanding achievements. RLI Leadership Awards are presented at the Annual National Land Conference during the Leadership Awards Program.

Below are the prestigious Leadership Awards conferred by RLI:

2023 RLI Award Winners

The Robert C. Meeks, ALC Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented to an RLI member in recognition of long-term commitment and service to fellow Institute members, the land profession, and their community. The Distinguished Service Award is presented in honor of dedicated long-time member Robert C. Meeks, ALC.

Renee Harvey, ALC

Century 21 Harvey Properties Inc. | TX

Land Rising Star Award

First introduced in 2015, the Rising Star award recognizes a land professional who demonstrates promise. The Rising Star Award recognizes a member approaching a mid-level in their career who is on their way to making significant contributions to the land profession and to RLI.

Stephen J B Davis

Christie's International Real Estate Bluegrass | KY

Chapter Administrator  of the Year Award

RLI’s Chapter Administrators play a key role in the success of each chapter. The Chapter administrators help keep everyone “on track” with schedules, policies, and more. The recipient is chosen by RLI staff and the choice is based on performance that builds a stronger RLI chapter—such as helping to enrich member experiences, providing support and benefits to members, applying for continuing education units for LANDU® courses, and displaying a high code of conduct and ethical standards.

Peter Johnston

RLI Carolinas Chapter

Land REALTOR® of America

The Land REALTOR® of America Award recognizes members of the REALTORS®  Land Institute for their effort and work expended in the interest of their fellow RLI members, their profession, their clients, and their community.

Renee Harvey, ALC

Century 21 Harvey Properties Inc. | TX

Excellence in Instruction Award

The Excellence in Instruction Award recognizes RLI LANDU-Approved Instructors for their subject matter expertise, the exceptional ability to convey that knowledge and contribute to the professional development of our students, and volunteerism for the LANDU education program.

Phil McGinnis, ALC

McGinnis Commercial Real Estate Co. | DE

Outstanding Chapter Award

The Outstanding Chapter Award recognizes one RLI Chapter that has demonstrated excellence and creativity in the following categories:

  • member retention and development,
  • course and other educational offerings,
  • volunteerism to national Institute,
  • technological achievements,
  • and outreach and collaboration with other Institute chapters and local and state organizations.

Past Robert C. Meeks, ALC, Distinguished Service Award Winners

2022 Winnie Stortzum, ALC 2010 Carl Maier, ALC
2021 Flo Sayre, ALC 2009 G. Edmond "Ned" Massie, IV, ALC
2020 Ben Crosby, ALC 2008 David Hemenway, ALC
2019 Ray Brownfield, ALC 2007 Jerry Brewer, ALC
2018 Bob Turner, ALC 2006 Roger Heller, ALC
2017 John Dean, ALC 2004 Gooley Orr, ALC
2016 Mac Boyd, ALC 2003 Otto Sprenger, ALC
2015 Porter Martin, ALC 2002 Roger Poppen, ALC
2014 Fletcher Majors, ALC 2001 Carl Hertz, AFLM
2013 Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC 2000 Judge Fite, ALC
2012 Norma Nisbet, ALC 1999 Harry A. Finkelman, ALC
2011 Randy Hertz, ALC

Past Land REALTOR of America Award Winners

2022 Kyle Hansen, ALC 2002 D.L. Gooley Orr, ALC 1982 Owen V. Hall, ALC
2021 Jeramy Stephens, ALC 2001 Roger Heller, ALC 1981 Ron Bentz, ALC
2020 Chuck Wingert, ALC 2000 David Hemenway, ALC 1980 Thad S. Cwik, ALC
2019 Paul Bottari, ALC 1999 Carli Maier, ALC 1979 Bake Young, ALC
2018 Bill Burruss, ALC 1998 John Dean, ALC 1978 R.A. Capshaw, ALC
2017 Flo Sayre, ALC 1997 Dan Bock, ALC 1977 Cy Kuefler, ALC
2016 Ray Brownfield, ALC 1996 Fletcher Majors, ALC 1976 Lyle Erickson, ALC
2015 George Clift, ALC 1995 Porter Martin, ALC 1975 Wayne D. Phipps, ALC
2014 Ben Crosby, ALC 1994 Mac Boyd, ALC 1974 John L. Currell, AFLM
2013 Kirk Goble, ALC 1993 Robert E. Rhodes, ALC 1973 Burr Brown, AFLB
2012 Danny Smith, ALC 1992 Robert C. Meeks, ALC 1972 Lester R. Arie, AFLM
2011 Bob Turner, ALC 1991 Mark Cumbest, ALC 1971 John J. Brennan, AFLM
2010 Randy Hertz, ALC 1990 Jerry G. Brewer, ALC 1970 George A. Simon, AFLM
2009 Sam Kain, ALC 1989 G. Edmund "Ned" Massie, IV ALC 1969 Harry A. Finkelman, ALC
2008 Tony Rickard, ALC 1988 Otto H. Sprenger, ALC 1968 Bert Hanson, ALC
2007 Dan Hatfield, ALC 1987 John E.Cyr, ALC 1967 Wilfred Raynor, AFLB
2006 Norma Nisbet, ALC 1986 Frank W. Geiger, ALC 1966 R.D. Selden, AFLM
2005 Keith Morris, ALC 1985 Carl V. Hertz, ALC 1965 Duane W. Sandage, ALC
2004 Winnie Stortzum, ALC 1984 Judge B. Fite, ALC 1964 Allan A. Stamler, Jr, AFLB
2003 Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC 1983 A. Tom Lund Sr. AFM

Past RLI Rising Star Award Winners

2022 Brittany Hurdle Murphy, ALC
2021 Drew Ary, ALC
2020 Skye Root, ALC
2019 Matt Davis, ALC
2018 Luke Worrell, ALC
2017 Kasey Mock
2016 Caleb McDow, ALC
2015 Aaron Graham, ALC
2014 Kyle Hansen, ALC

Past Excellence in Instruction Award Winners

2022 Ben Crosby, ALC 2013 Randy Hertz, ALC
2021 Jesse F. "Butch" Armistead Jr., ALC 2013 Jim Miller, Esq.
2020 Justin Osborn, ALC 2012 Jim Miller, Esq.
2019 Kirk Goble, ALC 2012 Andre J. van Rensburg, ALC
2018 Jim Miller, Esq. 2011 Rick Taylor, ALC
2017 Fletcher Majors, ALC 2010 Ben Crosby, ALC
2016 Ben Crosby, ALC 2010 Andre J. van Rensburg, ALC
2015 Andre J. van Rensburg, ALC 2008 Jim Miller, Esq.
2015 Steve Anderson, ALC 2006 Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC
2014 Ben Crosby, ALC

Past Outstanding Chapter Award Winners

2022 RLI Oklahoma Chapter 2015 RLI Illinois Chapter
2021 RLI Colorado Chapter 2014 RLI Colorado Chapter
2020 RLI Tennessee Chapter 2013 RLI Iowa Chapter
2019 RLI Oklahoma Chapter 2012 RLI Colorado Chapter
2018 RLI Texas Chapter 2011 RLI Texas Chapter
2017 RLI Iowa Chapter 2010 RLI Colorado Chapter
2016 RLI Wyoming Chapter 2009 RLI Minnesota Chapter

Past Chapter Administrator Awards Winners

2022 Candice Daniel, RLI Oklahoma Chapter
2021 FD Bell, RLI Georgia Chapter
2020 Brittany Hurdle, RLI TN Chapter
2019 Robert Campbell, Esq., RLI Missouri Chapter
2018 Traci Schermerhorm, RLI Iowa Chapter
2017 Ladonna Ignatuik, RLI Arkansas Chapter
2016 Maggie Thomas, RLI Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, & Wyoming Chapters
2015 Molly Zaver, RLI Iowa Chapter
2014 Patricia Webb, RLI Texas Chapter

Past ALC-to-ALC Networking Award Winners

(now under APEX Awards)

2017 Luke Worrell, ALC Ray Brownfield, ALC
2016 Kyle Hansen, ALC Troy Louwagie, ALC Kirk Weih, ALC
2015 David Hitchcock, ALC Clay Taylor, ALC
2014 Ray Brownfield, ALC Doug Denninger, ALC
2013 David Hitchcock, ALC Clay Taylor, ALC
2012 Ben Crosby, ALC Squire Smith, ALC
2011 Bruce Erhardt, ALC Nancy Surak, ALC
2010 Ray Brownfield, ALC Mark Goodwin, ALC
2008 J. Frank Monk, ALC Donald Cornett, ALC