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RLI APEX Awards Program

APEX Awards Program

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The prestigious RLI APEX Awards Program, sponsored by The Land Report, is an annual production awards program designed to recognize the excellence and performance of our RLI members, the best in the business. Winners of our annual APEX Awards are recognized at a special awards ceremony at our annual National Land Conference. In 2021, the production minimum was increased to $5 million and a new Agribusiness category was added.

Our 2022 winners received their awards from RLI CEO Aubrie Kobernus, MBA, RCE, as well as The Land Report’s Editor Eric O’Keefe on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, during RLI’s 2023 National Land Conference in Westminster, CO, at a dinner that included special guest Wyman Meinzer, the only official State Photographer of Texas.

The APEX Awards celebrated its sixth year with 217 applicants (+6.9% over 2021) totaling a combined $7.04 billion in qualifying production volume representing 7,913 sides. All land professionals recognized as part of the RLI APEX Awards Program are active members of RLI and had at least $5M of qualifying production volume in closed land sales in 2022.

For more information on the award winners, be sure to get a copy of The Land Report, one of the industry’s leading magazines for landowners and land professionals, which will include the top winners in the spring 2023 issue. Top awards winners will also receive national recognition in RLI’s Terra Firma magazine and in additional promotions throughout the year. All land real estate professionals are invited to join RLI and apply to the prestigious APEX Awards Program next March at NLC24 in Louisville, KY. 

Special Recognition for our 2022 Honorees

The Land Report and the REALTORS® Land Institute have partnered together again bring maximum exposure to the APEX Awards Winners to ensure they get the national industry recognition as a top-producing agent that they deserve for receiving one of these esteemed land real estate awards. APEX Award Winners are the cream of the crop when it comes to conducting land transactions and RLI’s partnership with The Land Report will take showcasing their prestige to the next level.

APEX Award Winners for Top Producer, Wrangler, and Brokers of the Year in each category will be featured:

  • as part of a two-page spread in The Land Report’s Spring Magazine;
  • in RLI’s Terra Firma magazine’s Summer 2023 edition;
  • in a national press release;
  • on a full-page spread in The Land Report April Newsletter; and
  • in exclusive social media posts on The Land Report social channels

The Land Report will also provide the Top National Producer Award winner and each of the National Broker of the Year Award winners with:

  • 50 copies of The Land Report’s Spring Magazine; the edition featuring the year’s APEX Awards Winners, and
  • discounts on display ad space in all of The Land Report Magazine’s editions for that year!

Award winners can take advantage of all these promotions to showcase their prestige and expertise to clients, colleagues, and the industry as whole!

APEX 2022 Top Producer Award

The APEX Top National Producer Award is the most prestigious award recognizing the applicant with the highest qualifying transaction volume.

Dean Saunders, ALC, CCIM

Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC, CCIM

Eshenbaugh Land Company

APEX 2022 Wrangler Award

The APEX Wrangler Award goes to the applicant with the largest number of land real estate transaction sides closed during the year.

Andy Flack, ALC

Andy Flack, ALC

Homeland Properties


APEX 2022 National Broker of the Year Categories

  • Ag Land Sales Crops

    Steve Bruere

    Peoples Company Of Indianola | IA

  • Ag Land Sales Ranches

    Dax Hayden

    Hayden Outdoors | CO

  • Recreational Land Sales

    Jon Kohler

    Jon Kohler & Associates | FL

  • Timber Land Sales

    Clint Flowers, ALC

    National Land Realty | AL

  • Commercial Land Sales

    Ryan Sampson, ALC, CCIM

    Eshenbaugh Land Company | FL

  • Residential Land Sales

    Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC, CCIM

    Eshenbaugh Land Company | FL

  • Auction Land Sales

    Troy Louwagie, ALC

    Hertz Real Estate Services | IA

  • Agribusiness Sales

    Ashley McCraney

    National Land Realty | AL

APEX 2022 ALC-to-ALC Networking Award

In recognition of the tremendous networking opportunities available to RLI Members, especially those that have earned the elite Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation, the APEX Awards also features the ALC-to-ALC Networking Award, with two honorees.

  • 2022 Largest ALC-to-ALC Transaction – David Hitchcock, ALC, and Clay Taylor, ALC, of SVN I Saunders Ralston Dantzler.

APEX 2022 Top Twenty National Producer Award Winners

  • Matt Adams, Peoples Company
  • Will Bellis, ALC, Arrowhead Land Company, LLC
  • Ray Brownfield, ALC, Land Pro LLC
  • Steve Bruere, Peoples Company
  • Austin Callison, Hayden Outdoors
  • Adam Crist, Peoples Company
  • Todd Crosby, ALC, Crosby Land Company, Inc.
  • Marty Domres, ALC, Domres Real Estate Inv., Inc.
  • Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC, Eshenbaugh Land Company
  • Andy Flack, ALC, HomeLand Properties, Inc.

  • Clint Flowers, ALC, National Land Realty
  • Eric Gage, AFM Real Estate
  • Jeff Garrett, #1 Properties Ranch and Recreation
  • Dax Hayden, Hayden Outdoors Real Estate
  • Dan Kevorkian, ALC, Pearson Realty
  • Jon Kohler, Jon Kohler & Associates
  • Troy Louwagie, ALC, Hertz Real Estate Services, Inc.
  • Robb Nelson, Hall and Hall
  • Frank Roberts, ALC, RE/MAX Landmark
  • Ryan Sampson, ALC, Eshenbaugh Land Company
  • Dean Saunders, ALC, CCIM, SVN Saunders Ralston Dantzler

APEX 2022 Producers Club

All applicants with at least $5 million of qualifying dollar production volume in closed land sales are recognized as part of the RLI APEX Producers Club.

Matt Adams, Peoples Company
Tommy Addison, Addison & Company
Trina Anderson, AFM Land Sales
Eric Andrews, ALC, Realty World Carolina Properties
Chad Andrus, Mock Ranches
Nicholas Z. Ardis, National Land Realty
Garrett Armstrong, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Jessica Armstrong, Armstrong Properties, EXP
Drew Ary, ALC, Ary Land Co
Trish Ary, Ary Land Co
Christina Asbury, ALC, Coldwell Banker SeaCoast Advantage
Valerie Bahm, ALC, KW Land and Water Team
George Baird, Landmark Ag Capital
Seth Baker, Field Level Agriculture
Craig Baronio, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Zeke Barrett, Whitetail Properties
Monte Bartek, AFM Real Estate
Rich Baugh, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Daran Becker, Peoples Company
David Belden, Tom Smith Land & Homes
Chuck Bellatti, Arrowhead Land Company
Will Bellis, ALC, Arrowhead Land Company
Carroll Bobo, United Country Bobo Realty and Land
Jacob Bowen, Southeastern Land Group
Craig Bowen, Grand Land Company
Sam Bowers, ALC, Bowers and Burns Real Estate
Ryan Bramlette, ALC, Fay Ranches
Lindsey Brown, Peoples Company
Jack Brown, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Ray Brownfield, ALC, Land Pro 
Steve Bruere, Peoples Company
Dale Burley, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Austin Callison, Hayden Outdoors
Chip Camp, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Cailein Campbell, ALC, National Land Realty
Jay Cassels, ALC, National Land Realty
Jared Chambers, Peoples Company
Anthony Chrisco, Whitetail Properties
Bryan Clift, Clift Land Brokers
Brady Cowan, Clift Land Brokers
Troy Coziahr, Hertz
Seth Craft, ALC, M4 Ranch Group
Adam Crist, Peoples Company
Todd Crosby, ALC, Crosby Land Company
Jay Davidson, United Country Wildlife Land Group
Matt Davis, ALC, Cushman and Wakefield
Tyler Davis, ALC, SVN Saunders
Patti Davis, ALC, PEDE and Associates
Terry Dean, ALC, Hertz
Cal Dickson, ALC, Hertz
Marty Domres, ALC, Domres Real Estate
Michael Dreyer, ALC, Dreyer & Associates
Travis Driscoll, Beaverhead Outdoors
Chase Duesenberg, Peoples Company
Bill Eshenbaugh, ALC, Eshenbaugh Land Company
Gregory W. Fay, Fay Ranches
Andy Flack, ALC, HomeLand Properties
Jimmy Fleissner, National Land Realty
Bradford Fletcher, Newmark
Clint Flowers, ALC, National Land Realty
Wendy Forthun, ALC, 1 Stop Realty
Karen Foster, ALC, Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Parks & Weisberg Realty      
Daniel Fowler, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Kyle Gable, ALC, Pioneer Land Group
Eric Gage, AFM Real Estate
Jeff Garrett, #1 Properties Ranch and Recreation
Mike Garrett, ALC, Garrett Land Company
Rick Gonzalez, ALC, Crosby & Associates
Greg Good, ALC, Clift Land Brokers
Jonathan Goode, ALC, Southestern Land Group
Bill Gray, Tutt Land Company
Linda Green, Keller Williams Huntsville
Kyle Hansen, ALC, Hertz
John Hardin, ALC, Southeastern Land Group
Jeffrey Hardy, ALC, Southeastern Land Group
Ben Harshyne, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Suzy Haslup, ALC, Meybohm Real Estate
Walter Hatchett, ALC, Jon Kohler & Associates
Dax Hayden, Hayden Outdoors
Jeff Heil, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Rachelle Heller, ALC, Hertz
Scott Henrichsen, Hertz
Kenny Herring, ALC, Peoples Company
John Herrity, Hayden Outdoors
Scott Hicks, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Darrell Hindman, Living the Dream
David Hitchcock, ALC, SVN Saunders
Allie Hodges, Ary Land Co
Clifton Holloman, ALC, National Land Realty
Zach Holt, Whitetail Properties
Ryan Hostetler, ALC, AGPROfessionals
Geoff Hurdle, ALC, Hurdle Land and Realty
Brittany Hurdle Murphy, Hurdle Land and Realty
Darrell Hylen, ALC, Hertz
Jennifer Janet, ALC, Coldwell Banker 
Terri Jensen, ALC, National Land Realty
Lisa Johnson, ALC, Horsepower Real Estate
Ryan Kay, ALC, Hertz
Shawn Kelley, Whitetail Properties
Dan Kevorkian, ALC, Pearson Realty
Chad Kies, Hertz
Joel King, ALC, Peoples Company
Dave Klein, ALC, First Mid Ag Services
Johnny Klemme, Geswein Farm and Land
John Knipe, ALC, Knipe Land Company
Jon Kohler, Jon Kohler & Associates
Michael Labout, ERA Shields 
Zurick Labrier, ALC, Mason and Morse Ranch Company
T. Sean Lance, ALC, REALM Capital Advisors
Eric Leisy, ALC, Great Southern Land
Jason Lestina, ALC, Land Pro 
Trent Lister, ALC, PureWest Ranches
Eric Lonnevik, Peoples Company
Troy Louwagie, ALC, Hertz
Spencer Loveless, Southeastern Land Group
Rusty Lowe, ALC, Century 21 Harvey Properties
Brent Lyday, ALC, Legacy Premier Properties
David Lynch, AFM Real Estate
Sean Maloy, ALC, Mossy Oak Properties
Mac Martin, ALC, UC Gulfland Real Estate
Grantson Martin, Whitetail Properties
Brian Massey, Hertz
Shawn Massey, ALC, TSCG
Peter Mazeine, ALC, National Land Realty
Tyler McConnell, ALC, Comey & Shepherd REALTORS
Ashley McCraney, National Land Realty
Clay McCullar, ALC, McCullar Properties Group
Chris McCune, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Alan McNeil, Peoples Company
Geoff Mead, ALC, Hertz 
Connie Meadors, KW Cedar Creek Lake Properties
Nick Meixell, Hertz
John Melnar, ALC, Grand Land Company
Jesse Meyer, Peoples Company
Jerrod Meyer, Whitetail Properties
Bill Minor, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Kasey Mock, KW Mock Ranches
Mark Mommsen, ALC, Martin, Goodrich, and Waddell
Jeff Moon, ALC, AgWest Land Brokers
Melanie Moore, Armstrong Properties, EXP
Dan Murphy, ALC, M4 Ranch Group
Jake Murphy, M4 Ranch Group
Robb Nelson, Hall and Hall
Hayden Nichols, John Hall and Company
Justin Olk, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Josh Ongley, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Justin Osborn, ALC, The Wells Group
Clay Patrick, ALC, United Country South Land
Chris Peacock, ALC, Halderman Real Estate
Josh Peak, Field Level Agriculture
Janis Penick, ALC, Kuper Sotheby's 
Brent Pennington, ALC, Metroport Commercial Realty
Hadley Perkins, Clift Land Brokers
Calvin Perryman, ALC, Southeastern Land Group
Clayton Pilgrim, ALC, Century 21 Harvey Properties
Chad Reifschneider, Hertz
Todd Renfrew, ALC, California Outdoor Properties
Bruce Renfrew, ALC, California Outdoor Properties
Ben Richardson, Whitetail Properties
Frank Roberts, ALC, REMAX Landmark
William Rollins, ALC, LSI Companies
Skye Root, ALC, Root Agricultural Advisory
Ryan Sampson, ALC, Eshenbaugh Land Company
Joe Sangimino, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Eric Sarff, Murray Wise & Associates
Dean Saunders, ALC, SVN Saunders
Eric Schlutz, ALC, Ruhl Farm and Land
Luke Schrader, Schrader Real Estate and Auction
Ryan Schroeter, ALC, National Land Realty
David Schutt, Whitetail Properties
Tyler Sellens, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Jake Sickels, Peoples Company
Elliott Siefert, Hertz
Riley Sieren, Peoples Company
Jason Sims, Southeastern Land Group
Chris Smith, ALC, Hertz
Tom Smith, ALC, Tom Smith Land & Homes
Nicholas Z Smith, Peoples Company
Spencer Smith, Hertz
Danny Smith, ALC, Smith & Smith Realty
Travis Smock, Peoples Company
Sheldon Snyder, ALC, Clift Land Brokers
Bob Stalberger, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Jeramy Stephens, ALC, National Land Realty
Larry Story, ALC, Total Care Realty
Elizabeth Strom, Murray Wise & Associates
Tommy Stroud, ALC, National Land Realty
Toby Stutzman, ALC, Stutzman Realty & Auction
Aaron Sutton, National Land Realty
Kirk Swenson, 1 Stop Realty
Clay Taylor, ALC, SVN Saunders
Raborn Taylor, III, ALC, George F Willis, Realty
Craig Thompson, First Mid Ag
Eric Turpen, Clift Land Brokers
Jimmy Underwood, ALC, Whitetail Properties
Matt Vegter, ALC, Hertz
Jim Vidamour, ALC, Fay Ranches
Russ Walters, Southeastern Land Group
Pam Ward, CB The Ron Brown Co
Carrie Warren, McGraw Realtors
Brian Watts, ALC, Southeastern Land Group
Chris Weaver, Whitetail Properties
Colbey Webster, Ary Land Co
Kirk Weih, ALC, Hertz
David Whitaker, ALC, Whitaker Marketing Group
Justin Wilburn, Fayette Realty
Eric Wilkinson, Hertz
Charles Wingert, ALC, Hertz
James Wirth, ALC, TRI Commercial
Murray Wise, ALC, Murray Wise & Associates
Tucker Wood, ALC, Tucker Wood & Associates
Luke Worrell, ALC, Worrell Land Services
Brandon Yaklich, Hertz
Douglas Yegge, Peoples Company
Eric Zellers, Ary Land Co
Andrew Zellmer, Peoples Company
Garrett Zoller, ALC, Land and Wildlife