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Land Connections is the official listing site of the REALTORS® Land Institute. With prime property listings from the best in the business land professionals, this is the place to find and post properties. RLI members are able to post listings to this page at no cost as a member benefit.

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To search the listings, please click on the state you are interested in. To further narrow your results, please click on the "Filters" box or add a city name to the search bar. 

RLI Members: Create Your Account to Begin Listing on Land Connections

As a member benefit, all RLI members are able to display their listings on Land Connections at no additional cost. If you are not already a member of the Land Broker Co-op, you will need to create a free Land Broker Co-op account. Please see the Toolbox under the Member Resource Center for the link to register and begin adding your listings immediately.