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Getting Paid for a Wind Turbine Lease on Your Land

RLI Admin | 07 Feb, 2023 | Land Leasing, Wind | 0 Comments | Return|

By Craig Kaiser, LandGate

There are quite a few ways to be paid when you lease your land for wind turbines. Across the country, deal terms vary. But generally, for Utility Scale Wind Farms, the developer will pay you $5 to $40 per acre per year until they start generating electricity. At that point, the rentals increase through the life of the wind farm. Additionally, wind farm developers are also paying landowners a royalty. The royalty is based on the revenue generated from the wind farm and paid to the landowner as a percentage of revenue. Lately we are seeing the royalty rate starting at 4% in year 1 and increasing to 10% in year 20. The royalty payments can be less predictable and dependable than a large fixed annual rental payment. However, the royalty payments also have the ability to be higher than a fixed annual rental payment.

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