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Real Estate Investment with LandGate Data: A Success Story

By Craig Kaiser, LandGate

People always ask, “what does LandGate do and how can I use their products?” We’d like to share a recent story of one of our clients (SK for privacy purposes), who uses LandGate in a way that no other marketplace or data platform allows. SK did something incredible using LandGate’s platform; something most land investors only dream of. In a period of about 90 days, SK did the following:


1. Subscribed to LandGate’s solar data solution.

2. Identified several real estate listings that had very high solar value using LandGate’s LandEstimate™.

3. Bought one of those listings on a typical real estate website.

4. Listed his new property on LandGate’s website for solar energy leasing.

5. Closed on a top offer solar lease with a reputable solar developer for the property.


Read the full article from our partner LandGate.

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