WEBINAR: How to Create Successful Public-Private Partnerships for Land Development Course

Wednesday, June 14th  |  Noon CT

Presenter: Bob Hunt, Managing Director JLL

Summary: Do you have the expertise it takes to successfully create a Public-Private Partnership (PPP)?

  • Hear real life examples of ways he has strategically maneuvered land development partnerships.
  • Explore the public sector involvement in real estate development and an understanding of resources required to manage the complex blend of governmental and political powers and conflicting goals and agendas that are essential in public/private development.
  • Identify and briefly discuss several key issues associated with the use of PPPs in these two specific areas of economic development practice. These include governance issues, partner selection, deal structuring and negotiations, the role of publicly owned real estate, government impediments to expanded use, and accountability and monitoring issues.
  • Find guidance to practitioners engaged in or planning to utilize PPPs for economic development purposes

This course/event has closed registration. If you have any questions, please contact us at rli@realtors.org