The Land University (LANDU) Education Program

With unparalleled education for land real estate professionals, the REALTORS® Land Institute’s Land University (LANDU) program offers top-notch educational courses and webinars. Land is a unique real estate specialty that requires the kind of specialized professional education which can be found at LANDU of the REALTORS® Land Institute.

  • How does a ranch sale differ from a crop land sale?
  • In what ways do soil types affect land use?
  • Where are the best resources for land information?
  • How do land specialists use aerial photography and mapping and location systems?
  • How does the USDA work with land owners?
  • What are the impacts of water rights and related government regulations?

Real estate professionals become land experts and Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs) through the Institute’s LANDU education. LANDU offers face-to-face courses, online courses, web seminars, and more that are relevant to the unique business of land.

LANDU courses, offered through the REALTORS® Land Institute are for real estate professionals who specialize in, or who seek to specialize in, land brokerage of farms, ranches, undeveloped tracts of land, and related assets. These courses are open to real estate practitioners and those who wish to pursue the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation. LANDU offers courses through traditional classroom courses, online courses, blended courses, and independent study opportunities, and the Annual National Land Conference course elective option.

Online, No-Travel Courses

  • Hybrid Courses combine independent study with optional instructor-led web seminar lectures / discussions that are scheduled to take place once a week.
  • Online Courses are in an online classroom setting where interaction takes place with the professor and the students on demand—24/7. Online courses do not have scheduled calls like Hybrid Courses. These courses start at the beginning of the month through the end of the month in which it is being offered.
  • Independent Study Courses are self paced with no instructor or classmate interaction. Students have 90 days during which to complete the program. Currently Land 101: Introduction to Land Brokerage course is the only course offered as an independent study online course.

Live, In-Person Courses

  • Traditional Classroom Courses are held across the country and offer participants the chance to attain knowledge while networking with like-minded professionals. These courses are often held by local RLI Chapters.
  • LANDU Education Week is an unique opportunity to complete between one and six courses while learning, interacting, and building relationships with other land professionals. Each course is taught by an approved LANDU instructor who will share current information and trends. This unique opportunity takes place once-a-year at Institute’s National Office in downtown Chicago.
  • Blended Course Offerings are exclusively offered during LANDU Education Week and combines independent study with face-to-face interaction.
  • The Annual National Land Conference can count as an elective White Paper Course credit option. Read more on the details for earning credit in the 2017 White Paper Guidelines.

To Learn more about our course offerings contact us at 800.441.5263 or rli@realtors.org.

Additional Educational Opportunities

Web Seminars

Web seminars are learning opportunities from the convenience of “wherever” you prefer.  Participants are able to hear the presenters and simultaneously view the presentations. All that is needed by the participant is a phone line and a computer with a high speed internet connection.  Web seminars can also be used as tools to bring current and potential clients together to share information that is helpful while building trust.  Using web seminars as a chapter event or as a staff knowledge session allows for discussion and conversation and learning by all.

The General Store

CD’s of past web seminars and other relevant resources are available in The Knowledge Store.  These CD’s are effective on-demand tools for learning within one’s own environment and/or for learning in a group situation, i.e. staff meetings, chapter meetings.

On-Location Education: Corporations, Associations, and Business

The On-Location Education program is a personalized program brought to a corporation, association, and business. The Institute works with the organization to develop programs to fit their specific needs and to present them at the desired location. Please contact staff at 800.411.5263 for more information.

Expert Speakers

Book speakers on specific topics for conferences and meetings. To learn about the topics, speakers, and personalized program opportunities email Institute Staff rli@realtors.org or call 1(800).441.5263.

Professional Development Programs

The Institute also offers professional development programs through events such as the Annual National Land ConferenceNAR Annual Convention, NAR Midyear Legislative Meetings and Chapter Education Programs that feature presentations focusing on the business of land.

The ALC-to-ALC TeleConference Series

Exclusively for ALC Designees The REALTORS® Land Institute’s Education Committee is pleased to present the ALC-to-ALC TeleConference Series. These conferences, facilitated by members of the Education Committee, are opportunities to bring together ALC designees to share experiences, stories, and best practices—while connecting with colleagues.

LANDU Education FAQs

How do I register for a class?

Each Land University course is held by a licensed course provider. To register for a class, or to find out if spots are still available, please call the course provider.

How much do courses cost?

Course registration fees are determined by the course provider and will vary depending on location and instructor. Most course registration fees range from $295-$545. Members of the Institute save up to $150 per course.

Can I take the classes online?

We are continually updating our No-Travel course offerings, including Online and Hybrid formats.

How many courses do I need to take for the ALC designation?

ALC candidates need to complete 104 Land University contact hours to apply for the ALC designation. 56 of those hours are completed in 3 required courses (Land 101, Land Investment Analysis, and Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges) and the other 48 hours may be completed by taking a variety of elective course options.

How do I find out how many continuing education (CE) credit hours I receive for a class?

Each course provider is responsible for submitting the Institute courses to its state Continuing Education Commission for credit. Contact the course provider to find out if the course you are registering for has been approved for CE credit. Unfortunately, The Institute does not have access to course provider CE information.

Can I cancel after I register for a course?

Course registrants must cancel within five days after the start date of this course to cancel. The course value will be credited to your RLI account to use towards one National LANDU course in the future. This credit must be used within twelve months of cancellation. If a student wishes to cancel after five days from the course start date, a credit will be not be available.

Other questions?

Please call us at 800-441-5263 or send us an email at rli@realtors.org and we will be happy to assist you.