2017 Webinars

Elevate Your Elevator Pitch


We’ve all been there, and as real estate professionals, most of us realize the importance of making a better than good first impression.

  • Ever meet someone who always knows the right thing to say?
  • Ever talk to someone you felt like you’ve known forever even though you just met?
  • How many times have you’ve attended a networking event, conference, or listing appointment, and felt that wide-eyed feeling of panic that takes over when somebody shakes your hand and says, “So, tell me a little about yourself!”?

Learn to be that confident, well-spoken, genuine, and prepared person–yes, its a skill! Learn to summarize yourself in a way that concisely portrays your professionalism, expertise, and passion. As a real estate sales professional, its essential to be proactive and prepared by developing and practicing an “elevator pitch” response.

Join Priestner as she dissects the components of the perfect elevator pitch, and helps you create one of your own. She will share tricks to help you feel more comfortable and approachable at networking events as well as explain the immediate steps you should take following the meeting to make that referral or land the deal. Plus, don’t forget to practice all the skills gained in this webinar at the 2017 National Land Conference! For a sneak peek, check out her post on the RLI Blog Be an Intentional Real Estate Networker.

About the presenter: Holly Priestner, Director of Talent Acquisition at Keller Williams, has never met a stranger, literally. Her enthusiasm for people and their stories enables her to connect people to resources that can make both their professional and personal dreams come true. This is advantageous when recruiting top talent to KWRI, with recruits quickly recognizing that their goals matter to Holly and that she cares about their happiness and success.

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