2017 Webinars

Mixed-Use Urban Land Developments


When is a mixed-use development right for your community or downtown area? This webinar will dive into the unique challenges and opportunities with mixed-use developments.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the latest trends on how to package the development.
  • Discover best practices to develop partnerships and secure financing sources to create exciting new residential mixed use developments that produce strong returns.
  • Find out what unique land use, entitlement, environmental, financing, and other challenges these developments face.
  • Access tools and strategies for understanding and planning successful mixed-use developments in diverse context.

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Need-To-Knows: Title Reports & Boundary Surveys


When a Land Title Survey is ordered, a collaborative effort is set in motion typically involving a surveyor, a title company, a seller, a buyer, a lender and the respective attorneys. Surveyors normally play an integral role in that process and it is helpful – if not necessary – for everyone involved to understand what that role is, what it is not, and what support surveyors can provide to assist in the realization of a successful transaction. In this webinar, we will examine the surveyor’s role in the commercial transaction, which primarily revolves around the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, the title commitment, and the dynamic between the parties to the conveyance.

Participants of this webinar will be able to:

  • Identify the primary elements of an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey and explain how each supports the party’s needs in a transaction.
  • Outline the relationship of the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey and the title commitment from the surveyor’s perspective.
  • Gain the knowledge needed to explain what a surveyors’ certification can say, what it cannot say, and why.

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Do You Know The Options for Deferring Capital Gains Taxes?


Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges are a hot topic right now as discussions of Tax Reform linger in D.C. However, a less well known tax tool exists that can often be used in lieu of a 1031. In this webinar, attendees will learn how:

  • this alternative, with a 20-year track record of deferring taxes, can help RLI members close more real estate deals
  • it can help agents obtain more listings and new clients by deferring taxes since other brokers may not know how to take advantage of this powerful tax tool
  • to recognize opportunities to defer taxes when a 1031 isn’t appropriate
  • to defer taxes when your seller wants to sell and retire but still defer taxes
  • to defer taxes regardless of the type of property

This webinar is appropriate for agents and their clients who are concerned about selling because of taxes. This webinar is also appropriate for CPAs, attorneys, qualified intermediaries and farm credit professionals, and  rural banks that take an active role in helping people buy and sell real estate.

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