Why Join The REALTORS® Land Institute?

REALTORS® Land Institute Membership Benefits

As the essential professional membership organization created for and by land real estate experts, the REALTORS® Land Institute provides its members with valuable membership benefits, from referral opportunities to discounts and special services. Those members who hold the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation receive a premium level of benefits. Join today to gain access to all member benefits!

Membership benefits include:

Categories of REALTORS® Land Institute Membership

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Institute Members


Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs)

The REALTORS® Land Institute offers different categories of membership to ensure that each of our member’s needs are met to the fullest. There are two main membership categories: Accredited Members (those who have earned the Accredited Land Consultant designation) and Non-Accredited Members (those who have not yet earned the Accredited Land Consultant designation).

Those who choose to be a member of the REALTORS® Land Institute are among the most educated, trusted and experienced land real estate professionals in the industry. Whether considering to become an elite Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) or just looking for ways to be one of the best in the industry, being a member of RLI offers a wide range of benefits that make the membership pay for itself. These benefits include a savings of up to $150 off each course, exclusive property marketing tools, special offers from our Institute Partners, and a support network of over 1,200 fellow members.

REALTORS® Land Institute Members (Non-ALCs)

Institute Members

Institute Members shall be RLI members who have not yet achieved the ALC designation. They may vote and hold office only if they hold a category of membership as a REALTOR® or a REALTOR ASSOCIATE® member of NAR, or hold Institute Affiliate membership in a member Board/Association. Institute members retain their candidacy status and all coursework credit earned toward the ALC designation as long as their membership in the organization is maintained.  These members qualify for Institute Member-level member benefits.

Annual Membership Dues: $445*
*First-time applicants are subject to an additional one-time application fee of $75.

Military Transition Program (MTP) Members

The REALTORS® Land Institute Military Transition Program (MTP) is a one-year program designed to assist transitioning service members into the land real estate industry. The program is available to veterans who served in the military starting in 2000 and are now looking to build or enhance a career in the land business. The program offers unparalleled networking and camaraderie among land professionals as well as the ability to learn from fellow members’ knowledge and years of experience to gain competence and confidence as a land professional.

The Military Transition Program benefits are valued at over $1,800:

  • First full year of membership – FREE! ($445 value)
  • Land 101: Fundamentals of Land Brokerage course – FREE! ($445 value)
  • One additional LANDU elective course – FREE! ($445 value)
  • Ability to apply for the John Eshenbaugh Military Scholarship ($500 value)
  • Exclusive remote networking teleconferences for all MTP Members

Read the experience of one MTP member’s transition from military to land real estate through the program here. To apply, complete and submit the MTP Membership application to rli@realtors.org or by calling 800-441-5263.

Associate Members

REALTORS® Land Institute Associate Members are industry service providers, partners, and other non-real estate professionals who are engaged in endeavors related to the objectives of RLI but who do not aspire to hold the Accredit Land Consultant (ALC) designation. Associate members may include, but are not limited to, the following: real estate-related professionals who do not have a real estate license, government and non-profit employees, students, and professors. They may not vote or hold office and are not required to hold a category of membership in NAR. As a benefit, associate members gain access to over 1,150 land real estate professionals looking for services to build their business, are allowed to participate in the Member Advantage Program brings your company promotion to all members, and receive member rates on education and event registrations.

Annual Membership Dues:  $195

Student Members

Student members are those individuals attending high school or an institution of higher education, who are not licensed as real estate practitioners, and who are interested in the land specialty and real estate profession.  They may not vote or hold office and are not required to hold membership in NAR.

Annual Membership Dues: $75

Emeritus Members

Emeritus Members shall be those members who have made outstanding contributions of personal time and effort to the Institute at the national or chapter level, have had continuous membership in RLI for at least 20 years, and who are at least 70 years of age. Emeritus Members shall have voting privileges and are entitled to receive all services accorded RLI membership. Emeritus Members shall not pay any national dues.  To apply for Emeritus status, all requirements must be met and a letter of intent must be submitted to the Board of Directors.

Annual Membership Dues: Free

Accredited Land Consultants

Accredited Members are those Members who have satisfactorily completed all the requirements of RLI’s candidacy program and who have been awarded the right to use the “Accredited Land Consultant (ALC)” designation by fulfilling all professional competence requirements as established by the Board of Directors. Accredited Members must hold a category of membership as a REALTOR® or REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® member of the National Association, or hold an Institute Affiliate membership in a member Board/Association. Accredited Members may vote and hold office and may retain their accreditation as long as their membership in the RLI organization is maintained.  These members qualify for Accredited Member-level member benefits.

Annual Membership Dues: $445*