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NLC24 Speakers & Topics

Opening Keynote Speaker

Gary Black

Author, Speaker, 16th Commissioner of Agriculture for the State of Georgia

We Get to Do This – Practical Lessons from Public Service

We Get To Do This focusses on applying lessons to inspire “everybody” to consider taking up the “somebody” mantle of leadership in relation to seeking a role in public service. Our country needs servant leaders. Gary stories and lessons will give you valuable insight into the principles of public service, the character and leadership building precepts gained through the experience, and some of the basic skills necessary for competing in the political arena.

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Closing Keynote Speaker

Edsel Charles

Chairman, MarketGraphics Research Group, Inc.

Economic Forecast

MarketGraphics helps clients understand fundamental market indicators that consistently illustrate an improving or declining real estate market. One of MarketGraphics' signature strengths is forecasting. A combination of forecasted demand and projected supply supports its clients' efforts to strategically position their companies.

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Breakout Session Speakers

Maximizing Efficiency: Integrating ChatGPT for Success: Christina Asbury, ALC
Learn how to implement ChatGPT into your everyday life, from marketing to social media, to helping decide whats for dinner. Need to make an email sound LESS mean? Done. Need to shorten up this listing description. Done. Need to apologize to your spouse for doing that thing they hate? It can help with that too. Come learn how to use ChatGPT to make your life a little less stressful and boost your success! New agents to seasoned pros can take away something from this session, see you there!

Wire Fraud: How REALTORS and the Title Industry Can Prevent It Together: Elizabeth Wysong Berg
REALTORS® and the Title Industry have a new threat - Seller Impersonation Fraud from criminal enterprises.  There are steps that our industries can take together to combat this threat so we make sure that the individual signing the purchase agreement is the actual owner of the property. Everyone in this fraud type is potentially a victim except for the fraudster who takes the money overseas and disappears.

Pond Management: Bobby Brooks
Maintaining ecological balance, supporting diverse aquatic life, and sustaining water quality are keys to a healthy pond. Where does that start? What are the signs of a healthy body of water? What are the signs of a pond in trouble? Learn how managing fish species, plant life, and building structures can all blend into the perfect recipe for a healthy pond.

Buying the Farm: Restrictions & Transparency of Foreign Investments in U.S. Land: Micah Brown
Over the past decade, foreign investments in U.S. real property, particularly agricultural land,  have grown. In response to these types of investments, there have been numerous bills introduced at the federal and state level which seek to control, monitor, or restrict certain foreign investments in U.S. land, particularly agricultural land. In this session, National Agricultural Law Center Staff Attorney Micah Brown will discuss the state foreign ownership laws enacted recently enacted during the most previous legislative session as well as the federal proposals that seek to increase oversight and restrict foreign acquisitions in U.S. land. This session will also focus on the most recent USDA data on foreign ownership in U.S. agricultural land and state legislative proposals currently being considered during the 2024 legislative session.

Retirement and Estate Planning for Real Estate Professionals: Discipline Advisors
Join us for an insightful session where advisory industry veterans Joe Michaletz and Mike O'Toole will share invaluable retirement, business succession and estate planning strategies tailored for real estate professionals. The session will cover the following topics: Retirement Planning Strategies, Business Succession, Tax-Efficient Real Estate Sales and 1031 Exchanges, Insurance and Estate Planning Insights, and Real-World Examples and Success Stories.

This session provides a unique opportunity to get your specific questions answered by seasoned professionals. Whether you're planning for retirement, succession, or the next stage of your career, tap into the expertise of these industry leaders. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn, engage, and plan effectively for the future.

Women in Land Sales: Renee Harvey, ALC, Hallie Myhre, Allison Worrell
Who said land sales are for men only? Knowledge and professionalism are the keys to your success. Showing buyers  and sellers that you have a clear understanding of their wants and needs with a sincere concern for their goals adds to their loyalty to you. Stay safe, everywhere from your clothing to not putting yourself with a person who might harm you needs to be a  priority at all times. Equipment and AP's  to have that will gain positive impressions and your commitment to your service you provide to clients. Know details of land and farms, what local restrictions are, size of stalls. Let your clients know YOU are invested in providing the highest level of service.

Equine Enterprises: Amy Lawyer, PhD
Civilization has depended on horses for thousands of years, and only in the last century have they transitioned from necessity to luxury. However, the bond between human and horse remain strong. The equine industry has evolved into a passion industry with people choosing careers with horses because they love what they do, and less about the potential financial gain. Understanding the demographics of people in the industry as well as the nuances of the modern horse world can be pivotal in doing business with the equine industry. Even those that are not directly involved with horses often value communities built around horse farms and can be passionate about the aesthetic. Equine enterprises are unique enough that we have an entire field of study dedicated in the University of Louisville college of business to this area. It is vital to the economy in the state of Kentucky as well as many locations around the country.

Campfire Chat: Mock Ranches Group
Back again for the fourth year, one of the most popular and interactive sessions of NLC! Gather around the "campfire" with Kasey Mock from Mock Ranches Group to discuss trends in land brokerage, core business ideas to increase production, profits, lead generation and bulletproof your business. This is an interactive format, so sit beside someone new, plan to give and receive advice, share proven models and systems, and learn them together with top land brokers.

Timberland Investing: Brian Watts, ALC, RF
Timberland Investing is a great way to diversify an investment portfolio, as it has a low correlation with other asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and can be a hedge against inflation. The purpose  of a timberland investment is to generate revenue from strategic sustainable timber harvesting, and other forest products, over a given time period, to achieve a desired rate of return. With  continued population growth, along with the desire to live the Land Living Lifestyle outside of bigger cities, we will look at how  some timberland investment strategies have changed, and  how that can affect decisions on selecting the best timberland investment. We will discuss how Timberland plays a major role in the economic development in the Southeastern United States, as well as current trends with logging dynamics and newer markets.   As a Real Estate professional, we will discuss what factors you need to consider while assisting your clients looking for a timberland investment.

General Session Speakers

DC Update Inside the Beltway: Russell Riggs, NAR Senior Policy Director/ RLI Legislative Liaison

Farm Bill Panel Discussion: Facilitated by Russell Riggs with panelists Joe Gilson, American Farm Bureau Federation, Dr. Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M University; Allison Rivera, National Cattlemen's Beef Association; Sam Willett, National Corn Growers Associaton

While the REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI) selects professional speakers who deliver content relevant to the land real estate industry, the views and opinions expressed in this program are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views and positions of RLI.