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FAQs for Mineral Rights & Royalties

By Craig Kaiser, LandGate

LandGate offers a free third-party valuation of your mineral rights and gives you a good starting point for negotiations. However, the best way to optimize your price would be to list them on a competitive marketplace. LandGate is a free, online, and transparent marketplace for your royalties. For example, perhaps you have received an offer to purchase your royalties, but you’re concerned that they might be worth more than what the royalty buyer is offering to pay you. And you’re right. By listing your royalties for sale, you can create a competitive situation, receive multiple offers, and feel confident you are getting the best price. In most cases, the royalty buyers have researched available data and learned that additional wells will be drilled soon. Additional drilling and the chance of increased oil and natural gas prices are main contributors to royalty buying activities.


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