RLI Membership Dues Structure

New Institute Member Dues Schedule

When joining RLI as a new member, your dues may be prorated. If joining between January 1 and August 31 of each year your dues will be prorated through the end of the current year. If joining between September 1 and December 31, your dues will be prorated to include the rest of the current year as well as through December 31 of the following year. All new RLI Members will be charged a one-time $125 application upon joining. RLI’s annual dues rate that will be due at time of renewal is $445.

MonthProrated Dues AmountExpiration Date
January$445.0012/31 Current Year
February$408.0012/31 Current Year
March$371.0012/31 Current Year
April$333.7512/31 Current Year
May$297.0012/31 Current Year
June$259.0012/31 Current Year
July$222.5012/31 Current Year
August$186.0012/31 Current Year
September$593.3412/31 Next Year
October$556.2512/31 Next Year
November$519.0012/31 Next Year
December$482.0012/31 Next Year