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Explore Louisville

Explore Louisville while you're at National Land Conference!
RLI staff member and Louisville resident, Anne Leigh McAllister Elmore gives you the best tips on things to do (and eat and drink!) while you're in town.

Reserve a Table

Downtown Louisville offers wonderful dining options in close proximity to the Hyatt Regency. View a list of restaurants, hours, and contact information.

Note: Sunday and Monday nights are typically slower downtown. We recommend groups call ahead to double check hours and openings and make reservations when possible. This will ensure you always have a place to meet and eat.

There's a lot to explore in Louisville and southern Indiana. You don't have to limit yourself to downtown. Neighborhoods like NuLu (New Louisville) as well as downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana across the pedestrian Big Four Bridge, offer multi-cultural dining experiences.

Welcome to Bourbon City!

According to Louisville Tourism, "Louisville is the only city in the world with more than 10 distillery experiences, a bourbon cocktail & culinary trail, bourbon-themed accommodations and bourbon-centric shopping."

It's been a "spirit-soaked" city since Evan Williams first marketed its famous whiskey in 1783.

Take the Urban Bourbon TrailTM to get a taste of Kentucky's finest spirit. You'll have easy access to many of the trail stops in downtown. View Louisville Tourism's highlights of local distilleries.

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