Agricultural Land Brokerage & Marketing | LANDU | 16 ALC Credit Hours Course

Gain an understanding of the agricultural land brokerage process as well as insights on how to best market these kinds of properties. This newly updated course covers key aspects of the 2018 Farm Bill, including the major change of legalizing industrial hemp. Armed with the valuable information provided by this course, real estate agents will be empowered to more competently assist clients with various types of agricultural land transactions.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Expertise to analyze the income potential of agricultural land.
  • Confidence to market agricultural properties to their highest potential.
  • Competence to identify the highest and best use of the land based on soil type.
  • Knowledge to understand the market forces impacting the values of agricultural land.

Resources and tools received:

  • A demonstration of the USDA Web Soil Survey  
  • A template to create a formal presentation for agricultural properties
  • A list of 2018 Farm Bill highlights

LANDU Course Pricing Structure

  • ALC Designated Course Price - For registrants that have already earned the Accredited Land Consultants (ALC) Designation and are considered to be an active ALC.
  • RLI Member Course Price - For registrants that are REALTORS® Land Institute Members who have not yet earned the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation.
  • Non-Member Course Price - For registrants that are not active members of the REALTORS® Land Institute.
  • Agricultural Land Brokerage & Marketing | LANDU | 16 ALC Credit Hours Course
  • ALC Designated Course Price
  • RLI Member Course Price
  • Non-Member Course Price
  • May 2021 VILT Course

    Weekly Webinar Dates:
    Session 1: Tuesday, May 4 - 11am-1pmCT/Noon-2pmET
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    Session 3: Tuesday, May 18 - 11am-1pmCT/Noon-2pmET
    Session 4: Tuesday, May 25 - 11am-1pmCT/Noon-2pmET

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  • June 2021 LandU Week Course
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