Land Investment Analysis Course

Understanding land investment principles is valuable to any broker/agent as it can assist real estate professionals to take on more clients and close more deals. Be prepared to take on even the toughest land investment transactions.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Expertise to calculate various aspects of a properties present value including the internal rate of return, net present value, mortgage payment and more.
  • Confidence to identify the highest and best use of a property as well as acquisition, operation, and disposition costs and equity.
  • Competence needed to help clients through the land investment analysis process.
  • Knowledge to effectively analyze and evaluate data, including highest performance indicators, multipliers and ratios, rate of return, and more.

Resources and tools received:

  • Excel Worksheets with built-in formulas to solve for:
  • Loan Amount
  • Annual Interest Rate
  • Number of Amortization Periods
  • Periodic Payment Amount
  • Future Value
  • Land Investment Analysis Course
  • ALC
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  • Standard
  • September 2018 Hybrid Course

    September 4: 3-5 pm CT
    September 11: 3-5 pm CT
    September 18: 3-5 pm CT
    September 25: 3-5 pm CT

  • $495
  • $545
  • $695