Land Real Estate Development Course

The processes taught in this course are not merely focused on “how to” break up a parcel of land into smaller parcels, but also designed to provide the students with decision-making and problem-solving skills.  These skills will be useful not only in the for-profit endeavor but also to foster the overall benefits for the community.  Such benefits range from improvement of the community’s tax base to delivery of real estate “products” which meet the needs of the market.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Expertise to understand the processes for developing, marketing, and financing sub-divided tracts of land.
  • Confidence to outline subdivision concepts ranging from parceling a larger tract of land into smaller acreage to the full-scale development of a mixed-use subdivision.
  • Competence to utilize methods for identifying appropriate sites.
  • Knowledge to demonstrate procedures for combining financial capital with raw land within a marketing strategy, which leads to converting the developed product to cash.

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